Club McKeldin: Not a study group

By Jacqueline Tanner

An on-campus sex trend amongst students at this university finds a popular yet unconventional host: McKeldin Library.

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McKeldin, the main library on the campus, consists of seven floors and two wings, and is fully equipped with many resources that are allegedly helping students with much more than just their academic work. An increasing number of students are now using these resources to help them fulfill their sexual desires.

Kim, a junior education major, said this phenomenon is commonly referred to as Club McKeldin.

“If you’re a member of Club McKeldin that basically means you’ve had sex there,” she said.

Club McKeldin’s student-membership has increased over the last few semesters.

Last year, Lynn, a sophomore criminology and criminal justice major, joined these numbers after having sex in McKeldin with a guy who was her boyfriend at the time.

“It just kind of happened,” she said. “It was exhilarating and fun. The risk just added to the normal excitement of sex.”

Lynn said she was studying with her boyfriend in the library when they decided to incorporate kissing into learning index cards.

“It started to become less about studying and more about hooking up, so we decided to go exploring to find a better place to continue,” she said.

She and her boyfriend later went up to the fifth floor where they began making out against the bookcases and then decided to take things further in one of the individual study rooms, she said.

“It was honestly more privacy then we would have normally had,” Lynn, who lived in a four-person dorm room on the campus at the time, said. Her boyfriend lived in a fraternity house.

But these sexual encounters are not limited to the individual study rooms. The library’s bathrooms also host many sexual encounters, particularly involving students in the gay community.

“As a gay guy, I know guys will actively go into the bathrooms of McKeldin and give each other head,” Mike, a junior journalism major, said. “I’ve been asked to.”

Some students, however, are still not convinced.

Erika, a junior dietetics and psychology major, said she has never heard about these on-campus sexual activities from specific people, but she has seen rumors circulate about it on Yik Yak and Twitter.

“I think it’s a lot of talk and not a lot of people are doing it,” she said.

Still, Club McKeldin remains a popular phenomenon amongst the masses.

Lynn continues to highlight her intimate episode in McKeldin as an unforgettable college experience.

“I would do it again,” she said. “It makes a great story.”


Last names have been withheld.


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