University of Maryland fans step up their tailgating looks for Big Ten games

By Gracie Riley
For Unwind magazine

The best part about football season for sports enthusiasts might be filing into the stands to watch the University of Maryland athletes run on to the field, but for most college students, the excitement starts hours before the game does.

College students are waking up earlier on Saturday morning than they do on any weekday for school to tailgate, and looking great. These widely anticipated home games have students looking stylish and spirited despite waking up at the crack of dawn.

The classic, cut-up T-shirt is typically seen at tailgates, but some Terps have redefined the trendy tailgate look.

Two university students tailgate on Sept. 10. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind
Two university students tailgate on Sept. 10. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind

Ayanna Byrd, a freshman dance major, was comfortable and cute in her faded denim shorts, Maryland T-shirt and red crew socks. Her black and red flannel tied loosely around her waist definitely made a statement at the University of South Florida home game on Sept. 19.

Another stylish look came from junior psychology major Lauren Guzman in her sassy red and black cowboy boots. She wasn’t the only one to wear standout shoes.

Freshman business management major Sydney Gahwyler rocked her personalized homemade sneakers that a friend had created for her. The Maryland flag socks Gahwyler sported complimented her Terp shoes perfectly and tied the entire ensemble together.

Other fun accessories seen on Maryland fans that added a little extra flair to any outfit include face tattoos, bandanas and even the cute and classic “Terra-pin” that University President Wallace Loh is often seen handing out to enthusiastic Maryland students.

Tailgating is a fun thing to do with friends and fellow Maryland fans, so your clothing should both reflect your own sense of style while rooting our team to victory. With the right moves and plays, anybody can score that perfect touchdown tailgate look.


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