“Presidential Poker” by Nick Budimirovich

“Well Barry,” spoke Walker sharply at his opponent, easing the tension at the table for just a moment. Through the cigar smoke haze the two men locked eyes. “What’ll it be?” continued Walker, expressionless all the while. The stare-down continued; they both knew what was at stake. Barry was the first to break, returning to his deliberation. Still nothing. This continued for some time, and … Continue reading “Presidential Poker” by Nick Budimirovich

“15 minutes of remarkability” by Nick Budimirovich

15 minutes of remarkability I woke with fire just outside my window. Smoke rising into the air, diffusing. The curious onlookers, a few taking video on their phones, The worry free-firefighters, The slightly anxious maintenance staff – The whole gang is here. Noticed – Center stage at last! The lonely shrub’s cry has worked, He’s been rewarded with a smothering Of water and earth. The … Continue reading “15 minutes of remarkability” by Nick Budimirovich

“David Bowie Comes to Me in a Dream to Tell Me I’m Boring” and “Loquacia” by Caroline Riley

David Bowie Comes to Me in a Dream to Tell Me I’m Boring David Bowie comes to me in a dream down from heaven in a blaze of lavender glory borrowed from Prince with that prototypical lightning bolt painted on his face. He tells me he had it tattooed during a coke binge while working on Aladdin Sane, that he covered it with make-up from … Continue reading “David Bowie Comes to Me in a Dream to Tell Me I’m Boring” and “Loquacia” by Caroline Riley

“Charge” by Olivia Connolly

Inspired by Mark Bradford ‘s Pickett’s Charge at the Hirshhorn Gallery 1863: battle is a word we use to galvanize ourselves with the strength of those gone before. A race unfolds now before my eyes, one where muskets fire as canvases stretch back to the past; I mustn’t touch the textured surfaces. But it doesn’t matter if I already know how they feel. Two men … Continue reading “Charge” by Olivia Connolly

“Untitled #1” and “Untitled #2” by Linda M. Crate

Untitled #1 the only woman in my mind’s eye you’re a ballerina dancing on stars white and pink roses in your dark hair spinning graceful across the stage in the arms of your love, and i am watching from the back your eyes never met mine; they say some people are just lessons— i don’t reckon that’s the way that it’s meant to be love … Continue reading “Untitled #1” and “Untitled #2” by Linda M. Crate