Turkey Day your way: Healthy alternatives to the traditional meal

By Kristine Auble

1018 Vesely Thanksgiving 01
Photo by Gillian Vesely.

After a long semester of dining hall foods, students finally leave the campus to enjoy a home-cooked meal during Thanksgiving break.

Thanksgiving is a time for families to appreciate each other’s company while enjoying a table full of delicious food.

Gyyoung Oh, a junior neurobiology and physiology major, said she loves Thanksgiving and looks forward to the foods that go with it.

“I have to say, I love mashed potatoes because I just pour gravy all over them,” Oh said.

With such a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, different families celebrate Thanksgiving with different cuisines.

Talia Rosenstrauch, a sophomore education and psychology major, said she and her family eat a kosher meal for Thanksgiving.

“We have turkey and all the normal things for Thanksgiving, just no pork,” Rosenstrauch said. “But we also cook a brisket along with the turkey.”

Sydney Tonic, a freshman journalism major, said each year her family alternates Thanksgiving meals between each side of her family. No matter who hosts Thanksgiving this year, she said she looks forward to enjoying home-cooked foods.

“I’m probably most looking forward to the macaroni and cheese because I really love carbs,” Tonic said.

Gravy-coated mashed potatoes, crispy turkey and creamy macaroni and cheese are Thanksgiving classics, but they’re not always the healthiest options.

A popular healthy alternative to a large roasted or fried turkey on Thanksgiving is the Tofurky, a 100 percent vegan meal made with organic non-genetically engineered soybeans, according to the Tofurky company’s website.

“I think it’s interesting. I’ve never had it, but I would really like to try it,” Rosenstrauch said about the vegetarian option.

Instead of mashed potatoes, Whole Foods offers a recipe for mashed cauliflower that utilizes the vegetable to mimic the buttery taste of mashed potatoes. The alternative is equally delicious, but has a lot less carbs.

Whichever foods students choose to enjoy this year, Thanksgiving has a variety of options for the different appetites of hungry Terps.

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