Filmed at Maryland: Filmmakers choose UMD as ideal setting

By Bethany Hooper

The University of Maryland prides itself on being a part of the big screen. From the movies “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” and “St. Elmo’s Fire,” to the more recent filming television show “Veep,” the campus has seen its fair share of movie stars.

Since “St. Elmo’s Fire,” the university has promoted its past movie debuts to many prospective and incoming students.

At the beginning of October, “Veep” started filming on North Campus, using parts of the new physical science building as the set. This created buzz around campus, prompting students to express their excitement via social media.

“I saw the production crew while they were here. I live in Cumberland [Hall] so it was right across the street,” freshman psychology major Katherine Calabrese said. “I actually got an email from someone telling us if you send in a picture, you get to be an extra [in the show].”

These movies and television shows are important to the University of Maryland’s image, according to many students here on campus.

However, students argue that negative connotations could be linked to the campus, depending on the content of the show or movie.

“I think if a television show was filmed here, it would obviously draw a lot more attention to the university. But it depends on what the television show is about,” freshman music major Zachary Sener said. “If it is about crime and murder, then it could hurt the university.”

Other students said they think productions on campus will only help the university.

“I know they filmed ‘Veep’ in the physics building a few months ago. I saw the cameras and the fake bikes,” freshman government and politics major Temitayo Paul said. “Mostly, the producers choose to film on well-known university campuses. I think [production] can only help [the university].”

Film and television production is not limited to the University of Maryland, however.

Many other movies and television shows were filmed in the state of Maryland. These include “Failure to Launch,” “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “Wedding Crashers,” according to the Maryland government website.

Current television shows placed in Maryland include “Scandal” and “House of Cards.” Although “Scandal” is not actually filmed in Maryland, “House of Cards” uses Maryland landscapes to film some of its scenes.

“I think most of [Scandal] is focused in Washington, D.C. more than Maryland, but I think it portrays a positive view of the area,” Calabrese said. “There is never anything bad happening here. It has always been a nice area and it looks good on screen.”

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