One Student’s Proposal for Changing Grading in Universities

By Bruce Dennis For Unwind magazine In this day and age, the expectation for most students is to go to a four-year college and earn a degree in order to live a “normal” life. One expectation facing college students is to be challenged immensely each semester with schoolwork, yet still maintain a respectable GPA. Exams are one such universal challenge. Classes will give a couple … Continue reading One Student’s Proposal for Changing Grading in Universities

College Park Construction Creates a New Campus

By Nicole Kirkner For Unwind magazine As students returned to the University of Maryland this fall, they were met with the hammering and whirring of workers and bulldozers while discovering new buildings, restaurants and renovations in College Park — and with more construction projected for this year, these changes are just the beginning. Under the Greater College Park initiative President Wallace Loh launched last year, this … Continue reading College Park Construction Creates a New Campus

Going From Generic to Distinctive: The Transformation of My Tee

By Katie Vogel College Park students come swarming whenever there is free anything – free food, free concert tickets, free Red Bull. But most importantly, free t-shirts. Whether it is 90 degrees on a hot fall or sub-freezing temperatures in the dead of winter, students pack Byrd Stadium and the Xfinity Center early just to snag the free oversized t-shirt give-away. Some people are lucky … Continue reading Going From Generic to Distinctive: The Transformation of My Tee

Healthy Treats from Diner Eats

By Eli Zimmerman While the university dining services provide an array of food in the North and South Campus dining halls, it can be hard to find healthy food options that still satisfy an individual’s preferences. With choices like chicken fingers and pizza, as well as a constantly changing spread of baked goods and ice cream flavors fresh from the Maryland Dairy, the odds are … Continue reading Healthy Treats from Diner Eats

J.K. Rowling: A Profile

By Rachel Kuipers Joanne Rowling, more commonly known as J.K. Rowling, is widely celebrated for creating the fictitious world of the wizard Harry Potter; but there’s more to the story than that. Rowling’s relationship with her parents as well as her depression influenced her writing according to A Year in the Life, a 2007 documentary directed by James Runcie that tells Rowling’s history over a … Continue reading J.K. Rowling: A Profile

Style Senior Profile: Sommer Singshinsuk

By: Alex Theriot Not afraid to get dirty, Sommer Singshinsuk worked her angles for one of Unwind’s photographers, while leaning on brick walls and adjacent sidewalks. Looking up at the overcast sky heavy with the coming rain she said, “Don’t worry, I’ve worked in worse weather than this.” I first met Sommer Singshinsuk, a senior at this university, in the backstage room of the Capitol … Continue reading Style Senior Profile: Sommer Singshinsuk

Alternative Breakers Strive to Make a Difference

By Samantha Pitkin The University of Maryland offers a variety of alternative break trip options during spring, summer, and winter breaks for students who are looking to make a difference in both national and international communities. Alternative Breaks (AB) is sponsored by the Adele H. Stamp Student Union, and partners with Break Away, a non-profit organization that promotes alternative breaks across college campuses. Alternative Break … Continue reading Alternative Breakers Strive to Make a Difference

Preview: Stone Temple Pilots

By Rachel Kuipers Originally formed in 1985 as Mighty Joe Young, the American hard and alternative rock band Stone Temple Pilots is still going strong with new blood, lead vocalist Chester Bennington of Linkin Park. The singer-songwriter joined the group less than two years ago, and is touring with them as they continue their coast-to-coast North American tour this April. Dreamers will open for STP … Continue reading Preview: Stone Temple Pilots

A Tale of Two Theories

UMD students bridging the gap between Islam and Western education By Samantha Reilly On a typical day in College Park, MD, a number of students sit, sleep and/or groan through lecture and classes. On April 14, 2014 in Nigeria, Boko Haram kidnapped 273 girls. Students in upper-level communication studies at this university are working to show that these two groups of people are more connected … Continue reading A Tale of Two Theories

Taylor Swift in Court

By Senaya Savir Taylor Swift is no stranger to the spotlight of media outlets and the news. Recently the media has focused their infatuation on Swift’s pursuit of legal action against Etsy users, Spotify and her former guitar instructor. “ I don’t necessarily support her recent decisions, but I respect them,” said sophomore Jaclyn Spielsinger, an avid Taylor Swift fan. Spielsinger added that Swift’s recent … Continue reading Taylor Swift in Court