Three Seniors Share Their Plans for Post-Graduation Life

by Abby Wallisch
For Unwind magazine

Felix Barragan

22 year-old Felix Barragan is an international business and spanish major and is ready to finally be out of school so he can work on creating videos and biking more.

“These past years have been very stressful and I am just ready to enjoy life,” said Barragan.

He has been working 30 hours a week throughout the school year as an international logistics coordinator and is hoping to increase his time there.

“I want to really start saving up money now, so when I start thinking about moving to California I can have some funds to do so,” said Barragan.

Barragan is interested in physical exercise, more specifically biking and running, and hopes to get back into all of that now that he has more time.

“I used to love it and do it a lot with my dad, but now it’s been hard to keep up those hobby while trying to balance work and school,” he said.

Barragan is hoping to soon become self-employed so that he has the ability to travel the world while providing for he and his partner.

“I’ve always liked the idea of service work and I really want to keep exploring as much of the world as I can,” he said, “so hopefully sometime soon I can start working towards those goals.”

Sam Stull

Sam Stull, 22, is a art history and communications major and is soon to be heading off to the Philippines on June 30 where she will volunteer with the Peace Corps for two years.

While in the Philippines she will be living in and working with underprivileged communities. According to her assignment description, Stull will be dedicating her time to, “children, street children, abused, exploited, prostituted, victims of trafficking, children of indigenous people, neglected and abandoned children, and children in conditions of armed conflict and other disasters.”

Stull was able to decide where she would like to serve in the Peace Corps and said that she chose to work in the Philippines because she wanted the opportunity to work with survivors of trafficking, exploitation, and abuse.

“These are populations that I am extremely passionate about, and the skills I learn after working with these issues in a global context is something that I hope to bring back to America to create critical policy and legislative changes,” said Stull.

Stull is most excited to foster a partnership project she wants to start with American schools and kids in the Philippines.

“I have this crazy idea that I could partner with American schools and provide them with recorded webcasts to teach children about the Peace Corps, the Philippines, the work that I’m doing [and] the beauty of learning from people who may not look or think the same way as you,” said Stull.

Her ultimate goal with this project would be to create a line of communication between kids in America and kids in the Philippines.

While Stull is very excited there are some challenges she is worried about that she hopes she will be able to overcome. While in the Philippines, she will be studying Tagalog, a Filipino national language, as well as the local dialect-both of which she has never studied before. She is sad to leave her dogs, Old Bay, Berger Cookies and of course, her family.

Abby Neft

Criminology and criminal justice major Abby Neft, 22, is heading to Bulgaria on July 6 for a month long service trip.

She visited Bulgaria in 2012, and is staying there for a month with four other volunteers while working five days a week at a daycare facility. “I haven’t been out of the country in a while and thought this would be a nice thing to do after graduation,” said Neft.

Neft is also planning on traveling throughout Eastern Europe where she plans to visit her cousin who lives in Munich. She previously studied abroad in 2016 in Australia and is excited to see the cultural differences. “The food and language are both very different and I know that will be a bit of a struggle,” she said.

Like a lot of seniors, post grad plans are still unclear, but Neft is just happy to get a good break from school.


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