Unwind Compares Four Summer Storage Options in College Park

By Timmy Chong
Sports Section Editor

While the University of Maryland doesn’t offer storage for students who can’t take home their belongings during summer break, there are a variety of options in the surrounding area available to students who live on and off campus.

We’ve gathered four of the most popular storage companies in the College Park area to help you choose the right fit for you when the time comes. As a reference point, let’s say there are four large items you want to store during the three-month summer vacation — a mini fridge, twin mattress, dresser and couch. This is how they compare:

Dorm Room Movers offers pricy but full-service storage options. They will keep your items for up to four months at a flat rate based on the size of each item. They will also send you packing supplies, pick-up and deliver your furniture to your door as well; however, these benefits are not free— they are covered by a $40 registration fee. While DRM will store all sizes of items, their rates are relatively high. Medium-sized furniture like chairs and small tables will cost $74, and large furniture like dressers and couches will cost $99. The total cost to store a mini-fridge, twin mattress, dresser and couch for the summer comes up to just under $400.

Storage Squad offers a nearly identical service to DRM with free packing supplies, along with free curb-side pickup and delivery. One key difference is that SS claims there are no hidden fees, although “room service,” where employees pick up or deliver directly to your room, costs an extra $15. In addition, SS offers lower rates across the board than DRM, with the highest rate for mini-fridge sized items is just $53 per month; however, it does not store most large furniture items aside from mattresses, such as dressers, desks or tables. While this is a sizable limitation for many students, if you’re only looking to store smaller items, SS is a prime choice.

DRM and SS are great options for convenience, but not necessarily the best options in terms of cost. For those who don’t mind the sweat and effort it takes to move furniture themselves, there are a couple self-storage options close to campus that offer rates based on the size of the storage unit chosen.

An ezStorage is located in Beltsville, less than a 10-minute drive from campus. A climate-controlled indoor 5’ by 10’ unit, which should be enough to store a mini-fridge, twin mattress, dresser and couch, costs about $100 per month, with a 50 percent discount off the first month. Assuming that most students are looking for three months of storage, the price would round out to about $250 for the summer.

Another self-storage option is the U-Store located in Bladensburg, which is also about a 10-minute drive from campus. The same 5’ by 10’ space can be rented for $107 per month, with a $1 first month deal which totals at about $215 for the summer. While this rate is cheaper than ezStorage, renters should be aware that the enclosed units are outdoors and not climate-controlled.

Exam week for university students occurs from May 13 to May 19, and students should book as early as possible in order to get a good rate on storage.

If one is definitely looking to store his or her belongings this summer, be sure to check different company websites intermittently — many of them claim that they will offer time-sensitive discounts closer to move-in day.


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