Feel Comfortable and Look Fashionable by Mixing Work Out and Chill Out

By Alyson Trager
For Unwind magazine

Spring has sprung, which means it’s time to peel off your winter coat and store it away until next year. It also means another fashion fad is coming your way. Athleisure, also known as athletic-leisure.

It’s not just trendy workout clothes but an entirely new combination of casual, comfortable and stylish everyday wear. Forget the floral skirts and baggy shorts and swap them for a comfy pair of joggers. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Bryson Tiller rocked the look and now you can too. It’s all about taking your couch-lounging clothes and turning them into going-out outfits. Imagine a celebrity running errands- they always manage to look stylish, even when they’re just buying shampoo.

To rock this look, there’s a few basics you’ll need. For girls, first is a comfy pair of sneakers, any pair ranging from Converse to running shoes. You’ll also need a casual t-shirt or tank top that you can wear with multiple pairs of pants. Adding a cropped drawstring sweatshirt can make your outfit more sporty too!

A pair of Adidas sneakers matched with a pair of fitted joggers and a knotted t-shirt is a great place to start. Rihanna has been seen dressing up the look even further with open-toed heels. You can also take a fun pair of cropped workout leggings, some running shoes, and a suede baseball cap. This is more sporty than dressy but you can add a flannel tied around your waist to make the look more feminine.image1

For guys, a bomber jacket instead of an old sweatshirt can take the look from slumpy to formal without losing the easygoing and relaxed feel. Another staple is a polo shirt. You’ve seen athletes ranging from golfers to tennis players wearing this for years. You can’t go wrong with matching that with a pair of jogger chino pants, which is another necessity for this look.image2

Some athleisure brands to look at for inspiration are Without Walls by Urban Outfitters and Outdoor Voices by Tyler Haney. And, as always, a nice hat or backpack will complete any outfit you put together. Look at brands like Nike and Champion to find one you like.

Nothing is better than feeling comfortable and fashionable at the same time. With your new look you’ll feel fresh for spring without stressing about what to wear every morning.

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