“Rick and Morty” Season 3 Premiere Aired Secretly and Began the Szechuan Sauce Obsession

By Matthew Caillouet
For Unwind magazine

The highly anticipated premiere of the third season of “Rick and Morty” has taken hold of social media over the past several months.

The Adult Swim program developed many interactive social media platforms such as “Pocket Morty’s” and #FreeRick, which have exploded on Twitter, and has kept its young fan base interested in the upcoming season.

However, until April 1st, many “Rick and Morty” fans believed the show’s writers and producers–Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland–had been delaying the season 3 premiere purposefully.

“The writers and producer(s) for the show have been frustrating everyone,” Andrew Murosko said. “They kept giving fake release dates and answered questions about the upcoming season as ambiguously as they could.”

So it came to no surprise to viewers when the producers decided to secretly premiere the first episode of season 3 on April 1.

The show’s producers didn’t make it easy on the viewers however, as they placed the episode on a chronological loop with all previous episodes.

For the unlucky majority of viewers, the sneak premiere was not noticed at the right time, and thus they had to tortuously watch all 21 episodes in anticipation for its glorious reveal.

Originally, this method was seen as a deliberate cruel shot by the writers toward their manic and insatiable fan base. However, after finally viewing the season 3 premiere, it is clear that chronological viewing of the show was extremely important in deciphering the major themes and plotlines of the new season.

As it stands, the season 3 premiere had the densest plot line of all, combining slap-stick one-liners with twisted introspection.

Season 3 dug deeper into the catacombs of Rick’s dark psyche. It is the first episode that explores younger Rick, while he was still married and living with his family.

The writers hint that Rick may have witnessed or accidentally caused the death of his wife, which could have ultimately influenced the start of his mad behavior and his full-fledged dedication to science.

They also allude to the idea that Rick’s development of his “portal gun” allowed him to become immortal, as it granted him the ability to travel between time and dimension. However, Rick still struggles to cope with the knowledge of his own immortality.

It wouldn’t be “Rick and Morty” though, without clouding the deep plotlines with immature and sarcastic humor.

The premiere saw a throwback to the ending of the pilot episode with a different ending. This time it ended instead in Rick pleading for McDonald’s to reissue their limited time Szechuan sauce. This sauce that has been discontinued since the late 80s.

Cindy Rockefeller commented on the writers’ promotion of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce. “I have never had Szechuan sauce before, but now I really want it,” she said.

According to multiple reports, McDonald’s is “seriously considering” re-issuing their ancient sauce.


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