Self-Confidence Upstages Perfect Bikini Bodies according to UMD Students

By Conor Hollingsworth
For Unwind magazine

As the countdown to summer begins, many people have their own way of preparing for the heat.

However, for most, this is around the time when many begin focusing on their own bodies, trying to go the extra mile to burn the extra calorie just to look a little bit better.

These bodies, which are sculpted and altered for the summer months, are known as a “beach bodies.” The obsession over getting a healthy “beach body” has been around for generations, but is there such thing as the perfect beach body?

The simple answer is no.

Michael beach bod
Mina Grace and Giselle practice acrobatics on the beach to show that every body is beach body. Photo by Michael Placanica.

Hannah Montana put it best, “nobody’s perfect, you live and you learn it.”

The word perfect in itself is unobtainable, because when you reach your desired goals there will always be something else you have to or will want to work on.  On top of this, everyone is unique.

“There’s things that I like about my body that they don’t have and there’s things that I like about other people’s bodies that I’d love to have,” said sophomore health science and psychology major, Lauren Sukri.

It appears as if getting a nice beach body depends on the individual; people who want to chase after that goal do so every year, but at the end of the day it’s just an added commodity.

“It’s almost like a cherry on top, if you have a nice beach body, good for you, but if you don’t it’s not the end of the world,” said freshman engineering major Jake Honesty.

It seems as if this drive to obtain a nice beach body depends on personal preferences more than anything. If you look good, you feel good, but at the same time, how you look is based entirely on you.

Michael beach body
Jordan Hubbard exudes confidence at the beach. Photo by Michael Placanica.

“You obviously notice when somebody looks fit, and you’re like, ‘Good for that guy, but I don’t think they look perfect, nobody is,’” said sophomore biochemistry major Matt Sherman.

Matt described the pursuit of a beach body as a way to improve confidence more than anything else. Yes, it’s nice to look ripped, but at the end of the day everybody is different and perfection cannot be judged by how many muscles you have or how nice your tan is. It’s just simply a nice addition.


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