Unwind’s Spring and Summer Sunglasses Guide: The Best Shape for Your Face

By Ryan Lee
For Unwind magazine

For this spring season, be sure to wow your friends and family with a fresh, stylish pair of sunglasses. Your options are endless with sunglasses. Unfortunately, that makes it harder to find the right pair for you to show off. This guide to in-style shades is sure to get you on your feet.

The shape of your face determines the style of sunglasses is best suited for you. To find out which category you fall under, check out the following profiles.

There are four general shapes that faces are classified:

If your face has fewer sharp angles and more defined curves, it would be classified as round. Round faces have around the same width and length.

To make those curves pop, you can’t go wrong with a pair of sunglasses with round, large lenses. These will enhance your lovely curves. Aviators or butterflies are sure to do the trick.Sunglasses for Round Faces

For a more balanced look, a pair of shades with a sharp, angular frame will elongate and narrow down your face. Give some square or rectangle frames a try for a sleeker look.

Sunglasses for a Round Face

Here’s a tip: To enhance your features, find a frame with similar characteristics as your face. For balance and proportion, find a frame with contrasting characteristics.

Square faces generally have the same width and length as well. They’re characterized with well-defined angles – mainly a strong jawline, a broad forehead, and wider cheekbones.

If you’re looking to flaunt your daring angles, a rectangular frame is what you’re seeking. The sharpness of a frame like this will properly enhance the lines on your face. You can’t go wrong with square frames to battle the sun in style.Sunglasses for Square Faces

If your angles are just a bit too much for you, your best bet would be a pair of shades with rounder oval lenses. These will help to round out and soften up your sharper features. Be bold and stand out with some retro round frames, or a pair of aviators.Round Glasses for Square Faces

Oval faces have fairly even, balanced features. These faces are longer than they are wide.

If you fit this description, you’re in luck. Both square and round frames are perfect complements to your features. Just remember to be mindful of proportion. Believe it or not, there is such a thing as “too big” when it comes to sunglasses. Besides that, your options are endless here. Go wild!

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Take some trendy round frames out for a spin. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, rock a pair of oversized cat-eye glasses.

Heart-shaped faces are widest at the temples and forehead area and narrowest at the chin and jawline.

Heart-shaped faces are best complimented by glasses that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom. You want to avoid straight lines at the top of the frame.
Butterfly or cat-eye sunglasses are great for a chic Spring look. Semi-rimless frames are also perfect for a fresh and clean style.Sunglasses for Heart Faces

Now that you’ve got an idea of what your perfect pair may look like, it’s time to start shopping! Grab your ideal pair at your local mall or your favorite online retailer, and stand out with your new stylish sunglasses.


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