3 Must-Have Organizational Apps for Every College Student

By Jessica Fischberg
Sports Copy Editor

Slowly but surely, spiral-bound paper planners are becoming obsolete. More often, college students utilize organizational apps on their phones to help balance their busy schedules throughout the semester. These apps help students ensure they don’t miss any meetings, assignments or other commitments. Below is a list of three phone apps that students recommend to stay organized in college.

1. Fantastical 2
This app is ideal for the hectic life of a college student.
The calendar has many cool features that allow for personalization. You can set specific reminders, color code different events and even use a map to show locations.

Additionally, this app can be connected to an Apple watch or iPad so you never miss a reminder.

“I like this calendar app for my phone a lot because it is easy to use and I can personalize it to my preferences,” said Raquel Weinberg, junior community health major. “This app helps me keep my schedule clear and organized.”

2. Google Calendar
The Google Calendar app has many practical functions to help you create the perfect schedule. A unique aspect is that you can make different calendars for different purposes, so the calendar does not get too cluttered.

There are Apple and Android versions of this app, so even users who differ in their opinions of operating systems can take advantage of these features.

“I started using it a year ago, and I love it because I can access it on my phone so when I’m out and need to schedule I have it right away,” said Stephanie Ross, senior hearing and speech sciences major. “The best part is you can share your events with other people by sharing your calendar.”

3. Microsoft OneDrive
Most people already know about this app, but it’s on the list because it could be the most important app for a college student. Microsoft OneDrive can be accessed on phones, tablets and computers. It’s easy to forget to backup your documents, and this app makes doing so very easy. College students should always make sure they are backing up their work, because you never know when your laptop is going to break down.

“I use this app for basically everything,” said junior public policy major Emily Siegel. “It’s also great for college because sometimes I forget to bring a certain document to class and as long as I saved it to OneDrive then I can access it from anywhere.”


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