Forget Puppy Palooza: Destress with Cats

By Bria Simmons
For Unwind magazine

Photo by Rebecca Torchia

Upon approaching the quaint, light blue building that is Crumbs & Whiskers, one might be surprised at what lies inside.

While the exterior is unassuming, the interior is a different situation. As many as 20 kitties can be found prowling the cafe, potentially looking for their next “furrever home.” Numerous chalkboards advertise cute kitty merchandise, a feline spa and the number of cats that have been adopted thus far.


A cat snoozes atop kitty merchandise in Crumbs & Whiskers. Photo by Rebecca Torchia

The modern decor is cozy and inviting for cats and humans alike. Popular songs, such as Ariana Grande’s upbeat “Into You” and Drake’s buoyant “Too Good,” play in the background as the warm smell of cinnamon wafts through the air.

Crumbs & Whiskers was founded by University of Maryland alumni Kanchan Singh following her experience at another cat café in Chiang Mai.

After quitting her corporate job, she set out to start the café in Georgetown; she’s just recently opened another location in Los Angeles, which has already received lots of publicity and a few celeb visits. Although reservations are strongly encouraged, especially due to the business of the café, 15-minute walk-ins are also accepted during the less bustling hours.

The employees are certainly put to work with the constant business, but they seem to feel that they’ve won the job lottery.

Manager Jen Guo decided to try her hand at Crumbs & Whiskers due to her love of all things feline, and so she could help shelter cats find homes.


“It’s been kind of bittersweet,” she said. “A lot of times I’ll get attached to the cats that come in, however, at the same time it is good to see that a lot of these cats are getting adopted.”

The only downside she could think of is that she often gets into “bickers” with her boyfriend about the possibility of adopting a cat. While she would love to do so, he is allergic to cats.

Mika Skibinsky, another employee, said her favorite part of working at Crumbs & Whiskers is “getting to know the cats and helping them get adopted.”

One employee, Veronica Herr, the ambassador of human-feline relations, even sent in an application to adopt a cat herself. She ended up picking a “submissive sweet thing,” nicknamed Squishmael, or Squish for short.

Photo by Rebecca Torchia

If the atmosphere isn’t enough to hook you, the food might be your undoing. The macaroons and beverages provided by Olivia Macaron are absolutely delectable. The honey lavender macarons are sweet, leaving a light floral taste lingering on your taste buds. The rich hot chocolate is amazing as well, wrapped in cup sleeves covered in quirky sayings such as “coffee and cats please.”

Crumbs & Whiskers is a great place to go to get a break from the outside world, cure your munchies and relax with some cool cats.


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