Black Friday Fashion Must-Haves

By Sidni Espinosa
For Unwind magazine

It’s that time again. We stuff ourselves with Mom’s famous turkey and Aunt Jen’s overcooked cranberry sauce. We listen to our family members fight and make awkward conversation with that distant cousin’s new boyfriend. It’s a part of the tradition– stuff yourself and endure a night of complete overwhelming madness. And when it’s all over, we get to put ourselves through the cycle again.

Yes, that infamous day of hair-pulling and clothes-snatching is back. It’s Black Friday! To avoid the stress and complete chaos, be prepared. Do a little research and make sure you’re really getting the best deals the day has to offer. And if you’re not into going to the mall in the middle of the night, Cyber Monday has become a personal favorite. Nonetheless, for those brave souls, here is your Must-Have list for the upcoming Black Friday.


1. Thigh high Boots
Rihanna and Kylie are doing it, and you can too! Don’t miss out on deals for a sexy pair of thigh high boots. Heeled or flat, shops have them both. Colors? No need to stress. Most department stores and popular online shops have options from black to brown to red to purple. Suade is seemingly the way to go so make sure you’re not stuntin’ them at any frat parties. Regardless, these are the boots that match everything!

2. Bomber jackets
Winter is coming, and Jon Snow won’t be there to warm you up. Invest in a fashionable and warm Bomber Jacket. These jackets are showing up more and more, and they aren’t just styled for girls. Guys are rocking them too! The best way to endure the cold is to look good in the process. Whether you’re adventurous or more conservative, there’s a jacket for you. Pair it with some thigh-high boots or some ripped jeans.

3. Layers
No, we’re not talking about the dip. Keep warm, and look cool. With the unpredictable weather, you never know when you’re going to need to heat up or cool down. A simple solution is to layer up. Start with your base, a tank top or a simple t-shirt. Add a sweater, then a jacket or two. Grab a scarf, some cute gloves, and a beanie to top it off. Style it preppy or street, your choice! Trust me, it’s the little things that count.

4. Lipsticks
Everyone needs a pop of color. To complete your outfit, finish it off with a matte or glossy lipstick. You may need to spend a little more time with this one because not all colors with look perfect. Consult with a makeup expert or bring trustworthy friend. Finding the right lipstick color can be one of the best things you can do for yourself. It can make an outfit go from bland to edgy. Mac, a personal brand favorite, has a wide selection of colors for the fall and winter seasons.

5. Big Sweaters
It’s sweater season! There is nothing better than wrapping up in a cozy sweater. Oversized, medium, or a perfect fit, this is an absolute must-have! There is so much creativity that goes along with sweaters. You can wear it as a dress or wear it under a vest. Wear it with jeans or leggings. Wear it fancy or wear it comfy. There are endless choices for this one, people! Look into Nordstrom or Free People.


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