The Link Between Body Image and Politics

By Samuel Antezana
For Unwind magazine

Capitol Hill is known as Washington’s center of politics and as such many aspiring change makers and innovators flock to make their way up the work ladder. A good resume always helps, but body image and presentation also contribute to the success of individuals on the Hill.

Photo by Lauren Fuchs

According to a story in Men’s Health, image is one of the most important aspects of our nations politics.

“We look to our leaders to represent not only our intellectual and civic ideals, but our physical ideas as well,” said Denny Watkins for Men’s Health.

Ami Kutzen, a senior American Studies major, recounts her experiences at a legislative internship on Capitol Hill and highlights how the people working in her office were both health and image conscious, which translated into how they presented themselves.

“D.C. is a young city, there are a lot of high achievers who want to improve themselves however they can,” said Kutzen. “There is this health-conscious mind-set. I’d see many people with salads and talking about hitting the gym within my office.”

food truck
Photo by Hayden Williams

This also had an impact on Kutzen, who began to prepare healthier lunches for herself and make time to go to the gym.

How people present themselves mostly relies on what type of field they are in, those working in politics and on the Hill tend to be well-put together says Jessie Campisi, a junior journalism and economics double major who has an internship with McClatchy DC.

“They are usually confident and try hard to appear as knowledgeable as they can about what it is they are talking about,” says Campisi. “Especially in news conferences with the press.”

President Obama remains a great example of an important person in politics who has maintained a healthy lifestyle, even under the immense stress of his job as Commander-In-Chief.

Photo by Lauren Fuchs

Those in politics often function as role models for the younger generation, and all people across the nation. With our capital in the spotlight after November’s election, it’s especially critical for those downtown to keep up a positive body image. In Washington, success can be attributed to hard work–both in the office and the gym.


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