UMD Club Sports’ Governments Elect Dedicated Leaders

By Benjamin Weiner
For Unwind magazine

Students in executive positions on club sports teams at the University of Maryland say their love for the game makes all the extra commitment worth it.

For the past three decades University of Maryland’s Maryland Sports Club program has offered students the chance to continue to play the sports for which they are passionate.

However, playing a club sport in college comes with extra responsibility: club athletes also hold office while participating in their sports.

Photo by Karen Churchill, courtesy of UMD Women’s Club Rugby

In order for University Recreation & Wellness to officially recognize a sport, each team must have a president, vice-president and a treasurer.

The Maryland Women’s Club Rugby team has seven positions on their executive board, including the addition of a secretary, a match secretary, a social/recruitment chair, and an equipment manager, according to club president and co-captain Julianna Harvey.

Lisa Wu, an engineering major and president of The Maryland Figure Skating Club said her club now has 10 board positions largely due the figure skating club tripling in size in the past three years.

Both Harvey and Wu said their role as president was to book all the practice and match times, maintain consistent relations with the coaches and RecWell, and fill out weekly activity reports.

Photo courtesy of UMD Club Figure Skating

The role of the treasurer on all club sports teams is to be responsible for managing the SECU checking account each team has set up with RecWell and working with the Student Government Association who allocates money with clubs by request.

In December every club sports team is required to hold the annual elections for each position, and the newly elected board members begin their positions in January.

Photo by Karen Churchill, courtesy of UMD Women’s Club Rugby

“It can be really hard to change leaders so often, but I think having a solid foundation in some of the board makes the smaller changes easier,” Harvey said.

Wu views her larger executive board consisting of members in varying graduation years as an advantage to completing responsibilities because they “can ensure that at any point there will always be someone who knows how to do a specific task.”

Photo courtesy of UMD Club Figure Skating

Both club presidents felt there is always room for improvement within their club and believe they are headed in the right direction.

“We’re more organized than ever; we follow all of the RecWell policies and we have promising leadership coming up in the future,” Harvey said.


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