SGA President Katherine Swanson Shares her Goals and Success

By Morgan Caplan
Staff Writer

Sitting in her presidential position, leading the Student Government Association, senior Katherine Swanson resides at the head of the table.

Swanson, a government and politics major, knew before starting at the University of Maryland that she wanted to make a difference during her years at college. Before running for president, Swanson was active in many organizations on campus that continued to drive her interest in student government. Beginning her freshman year, Swanson started her time in SGA on the finance committee, where she moved up to the director of student groups and then vice president of student affairs.

Photo courtesy of Katherine Swanson

“Katherine has had a huge impact on the SGA in the past and even more so now as she fulfills the role of president,” sophomore business and government and politics major Jill Gelinas said. “As a member of SGA I have recognized her ambitious goals and the loyal student body leaders that aid her.”

Elected in the spring of 2016, Swanson has built her platform with the BOLD Party to meet the needs of her constituents as well as the needs of the surrounding community. She has been able to create many new initiatives such as monthly town hall meetings and College Park City Clean Up, which partnered Greek life with SGA.

Since Swanson became president, the organization has focused on the work of Title IX, which will increase funds for the Maryland’s Office of Civil Rights and Sexual Misconduct. Although these are only a few ideas that Swanson and her team have implemented, they aim to continue to grow and expand their platform working for every student.

“I have a true passion for serving students, and I really, truly wanted to spend my last year here making this campus the best it could be for the entire student body,” Swanson said. “I wouldn’t be here without the amazing team of students that got elected.”

When Swanson is not running the student body, she can be found training for a 10k or hanging with her sorority sisters in Alpha Omicron Pi. After a long day of student politics, Swanson enjoys an intriguing biography.

“My favorite one is Bossypants by Tina Fey,” Swanson said.

After her time as president ends and Swanson heads off to the real world, she has many impactful plans. She wants to continue helping people by working for a nonprofit that works to help children in poverty and underserved neighborhoods. As a side job in her spare time, Swanson would like to run for office again and be able to write policy.Doritos Pizza Supreme

“My dream job is totally President of the USA… shocker!” Swanson said. “Also, whoever gets to taste test new kinds of Doritos. I want that job.”


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