The Most Anticipated Video Games Slated for Release this Fall

By Brendan Smith
For Unwind magazine

The fall is one of the best times of the year for gamers due to the abundance of new video games being released. This fall is no different. There are several games that have been highly anticipated, and the information that has been presented on these games has been met with a wide variety of responses.


FIFA 17– Arguably the most popular sports video game franchise, EA Sports’ latest edition of the FIFA series has been hyped for a long time, and so far, it has been able to deliver.

Asad Cheema, a mechanical engineering freshman, called the game “exciting and a huge improvement on the previous FIFA game.”

It is the first sports game to run on the Frostbite engine -the same graphics engine used in the “Call of Duty” series- and there are several additional gameplay features; one in particular is “The Journey,” which is essentially a story mode where the gamer can play as fictional character Alex Hunter.

NBA 2K17– The latest version of the NBA game franchise has improved on several of the previous versions by enhancing the graphics, audio, and fixing several game mechanics, particularly shooting. Gamers can also play new and improved versions of classic game modes such as MyTeam, MyGM and MyLeague.

“2K17 is a big improvement over the previous entry, and both NBA and sports fans will love this game,” said Kyle Spatz, a freshman chemistry major and a big fan of the 2K franchise. “However, schoolwork is my biggest priority so sometimes 2K has to take a back seat.”

With a rating of 8.9/10 on IGN, 2K is a great game that everyone should try.

Photo by Michael Placanica

Mafia 3– The third installment of the popular action franchise has been released to mixed reviews. Critics have praised the story, which revolves around Vietnam War veteran Lincoln Clay, and the darker themes, including racism.

Unfortunately, the gameplay has been heavily criticized due to numerous bugs and the lack of entertaining missions.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare– While the “Call of Duty” franchise has been extremely popular over the years, the new edition has been met with extreme negativity.

The first trailer for the game is the second-most disliked video on YouTube, and fans of the series have voiced concerns over the gameplay and plot –a battle for control of the solar system.

Battlefield 1– Arguably the most anticipated game of 2016, “Battlefield 1” has already garnered rave reviews, particularly with an 87/100 rating on review site Metacritic.

The newest edition of the Battlefield series was released on October 21. Anjik Ghosh, a junior biology major, is excited for the release of the game.

“It seems like an innovative game,” he said. “I am extremely excited to start playing.”


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