Power Outfits for your Next Interview Inspired by Candidates’ Debate Looks

By Abby Wiltz
For Unwind magazine

You take a deep breath as you walk into the interviewer’s office, with your brain going a million miles an hour, running through your practice questions over and over again and hoping you don’t mess up. This could be your future career, if only all goes well.

For many, the most important part of the interview is the interviewer’s first impression of you. First impressions are extremely important in the process of getting a job and impressing the people hiring you. The best way to make a great first impression is by wearing an outfit that speaks for you, before the first question is asked.

Our 2016 presidential candidates are prime examples of ways to dress appropriately and look like a trustworthy person with respect and power.

For men, a simple suit is the best look. It gives off a vibe of business, respect and trustworthiness.


Donald Trump, finalist candidate in this coming election, often wears a navy blue suit with a white undershirt and red tie. He chose this outfit quite often for his speeches and debates, because he wants to show America his patriotism through his love of the red, white, and blue. These basic colors are perfect to incorporate into an interview outfit.


Another example is Ben Carson, former presidential candidate, wearing a basic black and light blue combination, a classic look for an interview.

Neutral colors, dark or light, are a much better option for an interview because bolder colors will distract your interviewer from what you’re saying, and instead have them focused on what you’re wearing.


Similar to men, ladies should wear conservative clothing. This means little to no cleavage, non-distracting makeup and skirts that are neither too tight nor too short.

Women need to be especially mindful of this in today’s culture, where much of the women’s clothing is manufactured and sold to be attractive.


Hillary Clinton, another current presidential finalist, provides good inspiration when you want to look professional. Clinton wears multiple different colored pantsuits, all similar in style. She typically sports a jacket and pants of the same color as well as decently small heels to display her femininity.

For the first debate, she wore a red pantsuit, showing her patriotism similarly to Trump’s red, white, and blue outfit. In general, Hillary’s style of clothing shows that she is a responsible, put-together woman. Consider investing in outfits similar to Clinton’s distinguishable look when going to interviews.


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