Working in a Haunted Corn Maze is a Scream

By Sarah Fielder
Staff Writer

Taylor dressed in full clown garb. Photo courtesy of Brittany Taylor.

Wearing clown makeup and screaming in people’s faces are not normally a part of most job descriptions.

Brittany Taylor is a junior neurology and physiology major at the University of Maryland. She started working at Field of Screams as an actor her sophomore year of high school.

“I had been going for fun with my family, and my mom suggested I email there and see if they had job openings,” said Taylor.

Field of Screams has three locations in Olney, Maryland, Ocean City, Maryland and Washington D.C. Taylor worked at the one in Ocean City over the summer, she works at the one in Olney during the fall.

Taylor poses without makeup. Photo courtesy of Brittany Taylor.

The four main attractions at Olney include the Haunted Trail, Nightmares in 3D Haunted House, Trail of Terror and Hades Hayride located in Olney, according to their website. Taylor usually works at Hades Hayride.

For her job, Taylor wears clown makeup and a costume. She normally starts getting ready for her job around 4-5 p.m. There are several makeup artists that help the actors get in character.

“I usually go into the cornfield and stand in certain spots in the corn,” said Taylor. “When the hayride goes through we jump on. And normally at the end, we chase people as they leave the ride.”

Taylor described how he had has previously been punched while scaring participants. She said it is a normal reflex, and afterwards she will give the rider some space, but will stay in character.

“Generally the most challenging part is scaring people,” said Taylor. “You have to think on your feet to scare people and adapt. Sometimes getting close to a person or talking in a certain way will scare them more.”

Taylor also said that people will sometimes drop into the fetal position as she chases them and wait for her to disappear, but normally she does not.

Photo courtesy of Brittany Taylor

“Reactions I get from people are the best part,” said Taylor. “Sometimes they’ll laugh at friends, other times they’ll cry which is funny: especially when it’s grown men.”

Taylor mentions that the scariest attraction is not a part of the hayride.

“The scariest station overall is on the trail in the woods,” said Taylor. “There’s a fun house with neon colors, black lights and lots of clowns inside.”

Field of Screams is open very Friday and Saturday from Sept. 30 to Nov. 5, and most Thursday and Sundays.


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