Netflix Additions and Removals in September and October

By Georgia Slater
Staff Writer

As students finally settle back into their daily class routine and the work begins to pile on, many take this as a sign to get acquainted with a new Netflix show in order to keep their spirits high.

Netflix offers a wide variety of movies and shows. Photo by Georgia Slater

For only $8 a month, students have the option to choose from hundreds of binge-worthy shows to keep them occupied throughout the school year. This fall, there are quite a number of movies and shows that are both leaving and coming to Netflix that students should be excited for.

New additions include original features as well as many fan-favorites. This September, a new season of the popular crime drama, “Narcos,” became available, as well as a new superhero series, “Luke Cage,” which can be streamed starting the last day of the month.

Another Netflix original, “Easy,” about life in Chicago, features stars Orlando Bloom and Dave Franco, and also launched its eight-episode season this month. Additionally, two new comedy specials from Cedric the Entertainer and Iliza Shlesinger will be released to keep students laughing throughout the semester.

“I’m excited for new shows to come to Netflix because I feel like I’ve already watched a little bit of everything, and I would love to see some more variety,” said Lily Blum, a junior kinesiology major.

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Students interested in real-world documentaries will enjoy September releases “The White Helmets,” a story about first responders in Syria, and “Amanda Knox,” a film that follows the American woman who spent years in an Italian jail before being found not guilty for murder.

Those simply looking for a popular blockbuster won’t have a hard time either, with all four “Jaws” movies now available to stream, as well as “Footloose,” “Saving Private Ryan,” and Oscar-winning film “The Imitation Game.”

Unfortunately, with so many new releases, this means that some of streamers’ most beloved shows and movies are getting the boot. The famous tear-jerker “A Walk to Remember,” as well as Ben Stiller’s hilarious comedy “Zoolander,” are no longer available on Netflix. Students still interested in seeing these classics can head to Youtube, Amazon and iTunes.

Now, with over a thousand hours worth of streaming in both new and old footage, Netflix presents both an exciting and dangerous website to curb students’ ongoing entertainment addictions alongside their schoolwork. Finding a balance between relaxing with Netflix and stressing with homework can really be difficult, and the new additions to Netflix definitely does not make the balance easier!

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