DIY lip and body scrubs

By Gracie Riley
Staff writer

Hopefully these wintery winds have dried out and chapped their last pair of lips this season. But do not put down the lip balm just yet.

For most, preparation for laying poolside during the summertime consists of doing a few extra sit ups or walking back from class instead of hoping on the nearest bus, but it is important to remember to prep your lips too, just as much as your skin.

The sun’s UV rays can be harmful to sensitive lips, especially for those still recovering from winter’s curse. One of the best ways to reverse and protect against further damage to your is by lip scrubs and moisturizers.

Lip scrubs lock in moisture making lips look soft and healthy while removing dead skin cells .

The best part about lip scrubs is that they are easy enough to make in the comfort   and privacy of one’s own dorm room.

Coconut Oil and Raw Sugar:

Exfoliation is key to beautiful lips. This recipe emphasizes just that. The smell alone of this recipe would give any college student and uncontrollable urge to drop out of school and move to the tropics. After mixing the coconut oil with the raw sugar, lips felt so summery and healthy. This particular recipe works best when it is slightly warmed for about 10 seconds.

Pros: Feels like there is a pina colada on one’s lips. Lips felt soft and refreshed immediately after application.

Cons: Coconut oil can be difficult to find, however it is sold at Target Express on Route 1.

Vaseline, Honey, Maple Syrup and Raw Sugar:   

Not only is this lip scrub simple to make, it tastes amazing. For any pancake addicts, this is a must try. Vaseline is already a great tool for tackling dry lips, but when added with sweet honey and syrup, chapped lips do not stand a chance.

Pros: Made my lips smell like homemade breakfast.

Cons: Extremely sticky.

For all lip scrubs, gently rub the recipe onto your lips for about 30 seconds, wash off with warm water and pat dry with a soft cloth. For best results, repeat two to three times a week.

The amount of ingredients used, depends on how much lip scrub one wants to make. These ingredients store well, so even if accidentally enough lip scrub is a made to share with 20 people instead of just one, save the scrub in an old lip gloss container or small bowl for next time.

Lip scrubs are a cute and funny way to avoid responsibilities for a night and spend time with your best friends. Who would not want to watch their closest friends slab syrup on their lips in the name of fashion and beautiful lips?


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