Students’ Favorite Study Spots

By Georgia Slater
Staff writer

The University of Maryland campus has 1,250 acres of land and more than 35,000 students, which means finding a study spot to call your own is next to impossible. With finals just around the corner, it’s important to find a place where you feel comfortable spending long hours and won’t be too distracted.

When most people think of the best study spots on the campus, McKeldin Library usually comes to mind first. However, these spots usually fill up quickly and it’s hard to find your own space. So, instead of spending the time to find the last open seat at the library, take advantage of other places around campus you may never have tried before.

McKeldin isn’t the only library on the campus; make use of these quiet gems hidden throughout other buildings.

Most people claim that they love to study in their dorm rooms, but when you need to focus and your bed is calling to you, this can be a struggle.

“I mostly enjoy studying in the lounge of Elkton Hall where I live,” said Ava Kaplan, a freshman hearing and speech sciences major.

The study lounges make the perfect compromise: you don’t actually have to leave the comfort of your dorm, but you’re not distracted by the idea of falling asleep.

“This is [perfect] because it is right near my room, so if I want to grab something I can quickly go up there and grab what I need,” Kaplan said. “It is also usually quiet and relaxing, which is nice so I don’t get distracted.”

There are also alternatives right outside your dorm room, for when you’re sick of being inside too long.

“When the weather is nice, I prefer studying or doing work at the tables outside Cumberland Hall in front of the Cambridge Community Center,” said Joe Catapano, a freshman journalism major. “On a nice day, the spot is perfect for getting work done, and you also get to see a lot of people you know walking by. I like it better than studying inside in a lounge or my dorm room.”

For those who are living off-campus, studying within the comfort of your home is still an easy and effective option.

“I love doing work in my sorority house’s study room, or kitchen since it’s a social setting to study and we all motivate and help each other,” said Jordan Cohen, a sophomore education major.

If you prefer studying off the campus, plenty of coffee shops nearby offer the perfect study-friendly atmosphere.

“When it comes to studying here in CP, I tend to go off campus to the Board and Brew because it’s a lot less crowded than McKeldin,” said Jessica Feldman, a freshman journalism major. “There’s great food, even better coffee, and relaxing music, so whenever I do work there I can stay for hours and get tons of stuff done without any distractions.”

Whether you choose to study in your dorm, the library or somewhere on Route 1, remember that you have a multitude of options. Everybody has different study habits and preferences, and you need to figure out what works best for you to ace your finals.


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