Survival Guide for School Jobs

By Angela Jacob
For Unwind magazine

For broke college students, landing a campus job can be a dream come true. Campus jobs usually entail an income without too much travel time, and employers often understand that their employees are full-time students.

Here at the University of Maryland, some campus jobs are highly coveted because of the flexibility in hours and the ease of working there. Every job has its benefits and drawbacks; however, the competition for jobs on or around the campus can be brutal. For the lucky few that do get jobs, they generally find that they can incorporate their job into busy schedules.

“It’s pretty flexible because [I work at] a 24-hour service desk, so you can literally pick from night shifts, afternoon shifts, morning shifts,” said junior kinesiology major Adaugo Iwuala, a community assistant at Cumberland Hall.

Iwuala explained the benefit of such flexible hours is that it doesn’t interfere with classes and other extracurricular activities.

“What I like about this job is that it can be really quiet at times, so you can sit down and do your homework,” she said. “It’s easy to work three-hour shift blocks.”

Freshman criminology and criminal justice major Alexis Ros works as a trainer at Eppley Recreation Center, and she sees an additional benefit to her flexible hours. “Off-campus I worked in an office, so this is completely different,” she said. “I get to wake up, and I can wear leggings or sweatpants to work, and it’s just great.”

Many campus jobs, like those at Eppley, don’t require employees to dress in formal attire.

Drivers for Shuttle UM similarly don’t have a professional dress requirement, but freshman government and politics major Tyler Ziegler loves his job partly because of his experiences with other students.

“Gotta love the drunk students on Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights,” he said. “It’s great. I have a whole bunch of stories, and I’ve only been working for three weeks.”

The steady income is one of the major benefits to working a campus job.

“I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s definitely worth it,” Ros said. “Having extra money in your pocket is always great.”

Jobs on the campus help combat the “broke college student” stereotype for those who can incorporate a part-time job into their schedules, but often student employees find that they get more satisfaction than just the money.

“I absolutely love this job,” Ziegler said. “I love the people I work with. I love what I do.”


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