Unique ways to study for finals

By Alex Theriot
For Unwind magazine

With the stress of finals week quickly approaching, students all over the campus are mentally and physically preparing for a week of exams, final project and presentations.

Classes officially end May 10, but if students are not careful, studying for finals can feel like an insurmountable mountain standing in the way of summer fun.

Full-time students typically take anywhere between 12 and 17 credits per semester, equaling a minimum of four or five classes. Each of these classes will likely give a final exam, depending on major and course subject. It is possible that some students study for five exams during finals week with one or more occurring on the same day.

Cramming a semester’s worth of material into that short of a period could lead any sane person into the fetal position underneath one of McKeldin Library’s study corrals. But for some students, taking alternative breaks to do things they enjoy eases the stress of finals week altogether.

“To study for finals I usually go to an open classroom with everything I need including notes and many, many snacks,” junior civil engineering major Brittney Hanson said.  “I usually take breaks and find a piano somewhere. I find it relaxing to have a break to do something I’ve loved to do for over 10 years.”

While some students prefer taking a break scrolling through social media platforms or taking a walk, others would rather to go to the gym or take a much-needed nap.

Junior agriculture and economics major Kayla Bowles uses her study breaks to color in the increasingly popular “adult” coloring books.

“I like to color during my breaks to help me distress and calm down and usually my breaks will last around 20 minutes just to color a whole page,” Bowles said.

Additional inventive ways students study for finals week include setting up a rewards system, such as rewarding oneself with various candies after reading a page. Others teach a class to stuff animals, which helps to understand the material as if teaching a class of peers.

While some are rather odd, Business Insider has a few added study habits that beat the regular coffee and cramming students often resort to in the last hours before exam day.

The University Health Center also offers various programs to cope with stress, especially during exam week.

“It is necessary to do something that takes you out of your small world of worrying [whether] you’ll pass or not and remind yourself there’s a bigger world out there,” Hanson said. “In the end, everything will be okay.”


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