Beating the summer humidity

By Samantha Rosen
Staff writer

As the DMV area says goodbye to spring and hello to the high summer temperatures, men and women alike immediately regret wishing winter goodbye. The 70- and 80-degree weather translates to one thing: humidity. Hot, sticky humidity that results in frizzy hair and sweaty clothes.

In efforts to keep their luscious locks tamed in the muggy air, girls search the market for the best hair products. Allure magazine ranked the nine best frizz-fighting products and has L’Oréal Paris’ Everpure Moisture shampoo and conditioner as No. 1. The duo weighs down thick hair and prevents frizz from forming when the hair is blow-dried. However, for those with thin hair, Living Proof No Frizz shampoo was suggested. This shampoo is packed with OFPMA, a frizz-fighting molecule developed at MIT.

Rather than relying on shampoo and conditioner in the shower, some girls prefer to use hair gel or hair mousse. Samantha Bennett, a freshman communication major, uses a DevaCurl’s light defining gel called Arc AnGEL.

“Growing up my hair was always a problem. I went to a curly hair salon and they taught me how to handle my hair in any type of weather,” Bennett said. “In the mornings I wake up and if I didn’t shower that morning I wet down my hair with a little bit of water and add gel to it. I do this right when I wake up so by the time I am dressed and ready to leave it’s dry. If it is very humid out I try to put more gel in it throughout the day.”

Along with ensuring that despite the moisture in the air, one’s hair stays on point, dressing appropriately to combat the humidity is just as important. Loose shirts and tank tops paired with shorts are a necessity over the warm summer months. For girls, sundresses provide cute comfort that allow easy movement and won’t stick to sweaty skin. They can be dressed up with wedges or kept casual with a pair of flats or flip-flops.

“During the summer I like to keep it comfy and casual with either a light weight cotton romper, or flowy shorts and a tank top,” sophomore communication major Lindsay Abrams said. “It’s so important to stay away from tight, harsh materials especially with the hot humid weather, so you really can’t go wrong with either of these options.”

For guys, although sundresses may not be a viable option, basketball shorts and T-shirts are always a good option to stay cool while running around outside. When needing to dress up, switch the basketball shorts for khakis.

“I wear lighter fabrics and shorter sleeves than I’d wear in the winter,” freshman journalism major Jacob Orgel said. “Carrying a water bottle around and turning my car AC up high helps as well.”


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