Three easy ways to spruce up your space for spring

By Lindsay Sanderson
Staff writer

If you’ve got a healthy case of spring fever, you’re not alone. We’ve been getting in the seasonal spirit in our dorm rooms and apartments with these three easy fixes that won’t break your budget- or your lease.

  1. Terrarium


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As spring quickly approaches, living things will begin to blossom all over the campus. Bringing this fresh life into your dorm room brightens things up and even cleans your stuffy air a bit. While a lot of flowers can be impossible to keep alive on a busy schedule, succulents are resilient, even when you forget they exist for a week. Succulents are thicker plants that are common in dry regions of the world because they retain water. Creating a terrarium is an easy and fun way to bring these plants into your room. Start with any clear glass (a bowl, vase or even a mason jar), then layer pebbles, sand and then dirt on the bottom. Then simply add your succulents and maybe a miniature garden gnome for some flair. The best part is that your contained little garden can sit on top of your desk without dropping dead leaves on your homework.


  1. Wax-melter

There’s nothing more relaxing than lighting a candle while you’re reading or getting ready for bed. There are, however, many things more relaxing than setting off the fire alarm in your dorm building and getting into who knows how much trouble. While you may have to give up your candle obsession, there is a way to get a similar effect and delicious smell in your tiny dorm room. A wax-melter (or tart-warmer) is a ceramic, electronic device with a small lightbulb inside and a dish on top. When you place a small wax melt in the dish, the light bulb heats and melts the wax, releasing the same smell as a burning candle, flame-free. You can buy a wax-melter on for about $15 and packages of wax for $7, which is a small price to pay to avoid burning down a building.

  1. Daybed

There aren’t many options as far as furnishings go in a dorm room. If you’re lucky, you may be able to fit a plastic set of drawers from Bed Bath & Beyond in the corner. If you’re getting sick of your bedding after months of looking at the same thing, setting up your bed like a daybed might change up the vibe. With a few new throw pillows, you can arrange your pillows up against the wall along the side of your bed to give it more of a couch feel during the daytime. The extra pillows will also be appreciated during late night study sessions when four of your friends are trying to share your twin-sized bed.


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