Have a Style Panic Attack? Crisis Averted

By Alex Theriot
For Unwind magazine

From fashion newbie to style guru, a personal style crisis is bound it rear its ugly head at some point in your style evolution.

A lingering style crisis almost always dampens the excitement of going on a first date, meeting friends for happy hour or nailing that perfect summer internship especially when the quest for the perfect thing to wear seems nearly impossible.

A UMD student wears a fashionable outfit to class. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind
A UMD student wears a fashionable outfit to class. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind

While style for some is perceived to be natural, but for others defining one’s style emerges after countless internal battles, experimentation and the occasional panic of a major style crisis.

“Looking back, there were definitely times when I wore cringe-worthy clothing that I would never wear now. I definitely had a phase where I would wear skirts/dresses with colored stockings and flats to school,” senior communication major Hannah Ku said. “My style was completely different to how it is now.”

Whether you are looking for something new or are completely redesigning your wardrobe, navigating through a personal style catastrophe finding the perfect thing to wear, however, is not as hard as you think.

Rummaging through your closet, your roommate’s closet or your sorority sister’s closet down the hall can still leave you in the midst of a style crisis if you are unsure of what you are looking for in the first place.

Double-checking the dress code before attending a swanky party, scouring your favorite blogs for inspiration before a shopping trip and avoiding overly trendy pieces are a few simple ways to avoid a style crisis altogether.

“I always pick out my outfits the night before,” said junior history and journalism major Alexandra Simon. “I have found that I need to plan out my outfits because if I feel comfortable and look good in what I am wearing, I feel so much better about myself during the day.”

A loose sweater works great for the holidays. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind
A loose sweater works great for the holidays. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind

Even if you are just breaking into the fashion scene or have been around the style block a few times, inspiration from various sources can help pin down what works best for you.

Instagram and Facebook, Simon said, as well as observing others in your surroundings can give you ideas about how to mix up your own style preferences.

No matter who you are, knowing one’s style identity certainly aids in avoiding a crisis altogether. Understanding how clothes fit your body and reflect your personal style is essential to always looking and feeling yourself.

“Find what makes you feel comfortable and confident,” Ku said. “Everyone has a different body shape, and I think it’s important to dress according to what is right for you.”


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