Joggers: from couch to class

By Lindsay Sanderson
Staff writer

As temperatures dip below freezing, it becomes increasingly more tempting to live in sweatpants at all times of every day. Joggers, the newest trend in leisure-chic, make it easy to create effortless outfits for a night out or a whole weekend in.

Beginning with an outfit for those days where it’s just too cold to even think about going outside, joggers are a cute alternative to baggy sweats. These Hollister Co. printed joggers ($16) pair with any casual T-shirt and bralette (Victoria’s Secret, $22) combo to create a cute but comfy Netflix and chill look. Matching mid-calf socks (Victoria’s Secret, $12) and moccasins (Ugg, $120) make sure you stay warm all day, even if you have to venture outside for food.

For an outfit somewhere between lying in bed and struggling in skinny jeans, joggers (Cotton On, $10) can be paired with another casual T-shirt and flannel (Macy’s, $25). Casual sneakers, Converse, Vans or otherwise, complete this sporty, laid-back look. This outfit allows you to look put together while being totally comfortable for a long day of class or camping out at the library into the wee hours of the morning.

When all your jeans are buried deep in the laundry, there is a way to make joggers look chic enough for a night out or a dinner-date. These grey-marled joggers (Zumiez, $30) pair perfectly with a classic white V-neck and an edgy leather motorcycle jacket (Forever 21, $40). This outfit is pictured with leather slip-on sneakers (Vans, $60), a casual but cute way to tie in the leather. However, for an even more edgy, formal look this outfit can be paired with strappy black pumps. Silver jewelry, such as this watch (Charming Charlie, $25) completes the look and highlights silver detailing in the leather jacket.

Pairing joggers with outfits, from the most casual to a night out, allows for more versatility within your wardrobe. Now, instead of choosing between leggings and jeans, you can add in a pair of multipurpose joggers.


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