Snowboot alternatives

By Samantha Rosen
Staff writer

Winter at the University of Maryland means dirty mounds of snow and slippery spots of ice. Practical snowshoe wear is a necessity to survive the long treks to class. However, the ever-popular L.L.Bean boots prove to be a bit pricy, with the cheapest pair beginning at $119.

One alternative is Sorel. As winter drags on, begins dropping the prices of snow boots. Currently, its waterproof nylon boots begin at only $64.98. The varying styles will please any consumer, with some boots covered in fur while others remain simple, black and sleek. There are short boots and there are tall boots, ensuring the perfect protection for any type of weather.

“I love my Sorels,” freshman accounting major Abigail Grossman said. “They are both waterproof and warm so they’re perfect. They equip you for any weather situation.”

With their winter sale going strong, Columbia also provides a great alternative boot. Known for its outdoor clothing, outerwear and accessories, even Columbia’s cheapest boots, around $60, received more than four stars on the website.  Columbia claims their insulated snowshoes will protect feet in below-freezing temperatures and are waterproof. The rubber traction on the sole will aid in preventing the nasty falls when they encounter an unexpected patch of black ice.

Rather than searching for strictly one brand, a great website to check for significantly cheaper snow boots is This option is great for those who want a specific color, size or have a strict price range. The website lets consumers search by exactly what style they want and has Frosty Women’s Snow Boots for around $18. Additionally, the website provides free shipping and returns on all orders around the United States.

“This winter has shown me that snow boots are a necessity here at school,” freshman communication major Caitlin Lane said. “They can be cute, they keep my feet warm, and even if the snow is gross, my feet aren’t.”


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