Starbucks releases two new drinks

By Sam Reilly
Editor in Chief

Starbucks released two new beverages on Feb. 16, just in time to console sad souls after Valentine’s Day with a hot beverage, Sheldon Cooper style.


With the College Park Starbucks a mere four-minute walk from the campus, you know one of your dedicated writers at Unwind was snuggled up next to the pastry case, eager to get a first taste for you. You’re welcome.

New cups on the block include the smoked butterscotch latte and a citrus green tea latte, two sides of an ever-widening spectrum of options for Starbucks lovers.

Photo by Sam Reilly/For Unwind
Photo by Sam Reilly/For Unwind

The smoked butterscotch latte is a few degrees short of a scented candle (or a Glade plug-in because you know you’re not allowed to light candles if you live on the campus). Its scent wafts out from behind the counter and its name sounds like a gift from heaven for those who fall into the overlap of Harry Potter and Starbucks fandoms.

Photo by Sam Reilly/For Unwind
Photo by Sam Reilly/For Unwind

It really does taste like a caffeinated butterbeer, but the magic is almost too much to handle. A few sips in, it was hard to stomach the amount of sugar sliding down my throat. Lovers of rich, black coffee, this one isn’t for you. If you have a sweet tooth, though, gulp away.

Photo by Sam Reilly/For Unwind
Photo by Sam Reilly/For Unwind

[Check out some of our favorite butterbeer recipes here]

As for the citrus green tea latte, tea lovers need not apply. My sincerest apologies, because if you thought this would be the drink that would finally help you love Starbucks when you’re adamantly pro-tea, you’re wrong.

The tea latte is extremely sweet and has a hearty dose of what tastes like flavored fluoride in it. As a tea-drinker myself, I would not recommend this if you’re cuddling up under a blanket with a mug and a book, and that’s pretty much the most basic qualification for a drinkable tea beverage.


If you like juices, lime flavor, or calling yourself a tea drinker while harboring a secret hate for herbal remedies, this drink is for you.

Overall, this release was pretty disappointing, especially after I fell in love with the Flat White that Starbucks released this winter. Don’t worry, though, this experience won’t stop me from running down to Starbucks to try their new releases — you know, for the sake of our readers.


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