Galentine’s Day sees increase in participation this year

By Katy Kelly
Staff writer

Ah, Valentine’s Day. That wonderful time of year when love is in the air and assorted chocolates are arranged in heart-shaped boxes. So what’s a single gal to do on a day dedicated to those who are already dedicated to someone else?

Enter Leslie Knope.


Knope is an adorkable character from the cherished mockumentary-style show “Parks and Recreation.” Even though her character is fictitious, her impact on this holiday will forever change the way all the single ladies do Valentine’s Day. In the 16th episode of the second season of “Parks and Recreation,” Leslie gathers all of her female friends together for breakfast the day before Valentine’s Day to celebrate their friendships with each other, a day she so cleverly dubbed Galentine’s Day. As Leslie says, “It’s just ladies celebrating ladies.”

Single or not, Galentine’s Day is a day about celebrating the most important relationships in your life: friendships.

Senior kinesiology major Kara Blaufeld says she has always celebrated Galentine’s Day since she has never had a significant other on Feb. 14.

“We watch movies, bake, eat yummy food, and enjoy each other’s company,” she said of her and her friends. “It’s always nice to be with friends on Valentine’s Day if you don’t have a significant other. I think there is less pressure for people who are not in relationships. It’s also much less hassle.”

Recent graduate and geography major Alexa Bleach says she had not celebrated Galentine’s Day until recently.

“I plan on seeing friends Saturday night and possibly going out during the day Sunday,” she said. “I think it is a great way for single people to spend the day because it helps them feel included and happy to know that so many other girls are sharing that day with them.”

Bleach said Galentine’s Day “could be valued really as any other holiday, just being with friends or a partner.”

Junior economics major Lorena Gonzalez says that this year, she plans on cooking dinner with friends, and having a relaxed wine night with her favorite people. “I haven’t done Galentine’s Day before, so I am very excited for this year,” she said.  “A lot of my friends do it and it sounds amazing. I am very excited!”


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