Style Evolution: Then and Now

By Mollie Markowitz
For Unwind magazine

Too often, people perceive that an increase in confidence is correlated to a decrease in caring less about one’s own appearance. The existing fashion trends, presented by both freshmen and seniors at University of Maryland, have definitely proven otherwise.

Freshman criminology and criminal justice and psychology major Danya Allswang has mastered the art of wearing heels.

“My go-to outfit would be to pair jeans with a simple, chic top and wear funky heels,” Allswang said. “Heels give me a sense of confidence and excitement to go out and dance.”

Dancers like Allswang are not the only ones who gain confidence from dressing up and putting on a pair of heels.

Dalya Lerner, a senior hearing and speech major, offered a similar description for her “night out” fashion preferences.

“I would pair leggings with a nice, classy tank top and platforms or heels,” Lerner said. “Do your hair, put on a nice pair of shoes and your everyday tank top can become a going out one.”

A UMD student wears a fashionable outfit to class. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind
A UMD student wears a fashionable outfit to class. Photo by Rosie Kean/Unwind

Allswang and Lerner together showcase the female desire to dress up, an aspiration that seems to be shared by both freshmen and senior girls on the campus.

Some males on the campus have been equally fashion oriented from the start.

Freshman psychology major Jordan Schwartzstein describes his style as practical and fashionable.

“The biggest part of confidence is when you walk out of the door and like the way you look, it’s not about getting compliments,” he said. “I have many staple pieces that I build around.”

For most males on the campus, however, fashion seems to be a value that develops more profoundly throughout their four years in college.

Senior communication major Jonny Berger believes that his sense of self-appearance has developed through growth in confidence.

“Over the years, I’ve definitely learned to appreciate style more,” Berger said. “I’ve paid closer attention to the colors that I wear. I now match my belt to my shoes, which I never would have done freshman year.”

Some have been fashion forward from the beginning and others have taken time to build a personal sense of style, but these freshman and seniors have all learned that confidence and a sense of style can be interchangeable.


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