Style Guide: What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

By Lauren Koenig
For Unwind magazine

There are a million different ways to spend the final moments of the year. Dinner with family and friends, a house party, hitting the club, or even just chilling at home and watching the ball drop – just to name a few. Of course, with so many options it can be nearly impossible to decide what to wear. That is why we have created this guide to help you pick the perfect outfit to ring in the New Year, no matter how you choose to celebrate.


Going out to a nice dinner with friends and family is the perfect way to spend your last meal of the year, but deciding what to wear can be more difficult than deciding whether you are in the mood for Asian or Italian food. Start with a basic pair of dark or black jeans. Dark jeans are great because they can be dressed up or down.

To dress them up, keeping with the festive vibe of the occasion, go with a fun, sparkly or bright colored top. Keep in mind, it is the middle of the winter, so make sure you grab some sort of jacket to keep you warm. Shoes are not so important, considering they’ll be under the table and out of sight for the majority of the meal, but this is a great opportunity to bust out that funky clutch you bought for no reason and have not had an occasion to use it for yet.

You should also make sure your outfit is appropriate for the type of restaurant you decide to go to. For example, you wouldn’t want to show up to a 5-star restaurant looking like you just rolled out of bed.


Getting dressed to go out to a club or a bar is always an ordeal, regardless of the occasion, which means New Years Eve is no different. The best part about spending NYE at the club is that you get to go all out in your most festive, and therefore sparkly, attire. If the sequined mini-dress is not for you, dress up your favorite LBD with a statement necklace and your most fun shoes as long as they are comfortable enough to dance the year away.

Most importantly, make sure you choose a bag with a shoulder strap or a cross-body so that you can keep track of it all night. Regardless of where you’re spending the last few hours of the year, it is going to be chilly walking in and out, so make sure you have a jacket to keep your shoulders warm.


There is nothing better than spending the last few moments of the year with people you love, especially if it means gathering in the living room with a big bowl of popcorn to watch the ball drop in Times Square on TV. The best part is you can wear your glasses and your slippers and no one will judge you. Keep it comfy with leggings and an oversized sweater, and complete the look with fuzzy socks. Got FOMO when it comes to glitter? Snap a sparkly case on your phone.

House Party    

House parties are great for so many reasons: They are usually not far from home, the bathrooms are (usually) clean, if you lose something, you have a pretty decent chance of getting it back, and most importantly, you can wear pretty much whatever you want and still be dressed appropriately. A house party is a great opportunity to bust out those killer high heels you have been dying to wear and if your feet hurt, there are plenty of places to sit. Pair them with jeans and a festive (and therefore sparkly) top and some simple jewelry to complete the look. Bring whatever bag you want, because there is probably somewhere to leave it where no one will find it.



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