Secret Santa gift guide for less than $20

By Molly McClellan
For Unwind magazine

  1. Water bottle. This practical water bottle is perfect for someone sporty or anyone who likes to stay hydrated. It has a compartment to store phones, keys, and any other small items. It can be bought on for $11.29.
  2. Coffee & Mug. Keep your friend caffeinated and warm in the winter. We all need a coffee pick-me-up every once in a while, which makes this a perfect gift. The mug can be bought from Target for $12.99, and the gift card can be bought at Starbucks.
  3. Scarf. A scarf is not only stylish, it also keeps you warm. Plus, it can go with almost any outfit. This scarf can be bought at Target for $15.99.
  4. Desk Organizer. If you know this person is messy, this is a practical gift. Desk organizers are versatile, and the recipient can use it to sort other things besides school supplies, such as jewelry. This desk organizer can be bought at CVS Pharmacy for $11.29.
  5. Inspirational Quote book. Everyone needs some words of inspiration, particularly with the chaos of the holidays. A small book full of quotes is a wonderful gift, especially if you want to give something a little more meaningful. This book can be bought from for $8.40.
  6. iTunes Gift Card. This is not just a gift for music lovers. Everyone can always use some iTunes money to buy music, movies, and TV episodes. If you are in a rush or cannot think of a creative gift, this is a go-to secret Santa gift. An iTunes gift card can be bought at Target for $15.
  7. Food. Sweets — or food in general — are a safe option if you want a foolproof way to make someone happy. These cookies can be bought at any major grocery store for $2.50.
  8. Fun & Decorative Pillow. Add some decoration and color to your friend’s room. This is a good lounge accessory that goes beyond a simple body pillow. Both the pillow and the cover can be bought at for $10.40.
  9. Journal. A journal is not only inexpensive, but its owner can use it in so many ways. It can be a diary, a drawling book, a place to write down recipes, a book to document an event — the list goes on forever! This journal can be bought at Target for $9.99.
  10. Fitness Cards. If you are shopping for someone who is all about fitness, or even for someone who is trying to get a head start on his or her New Year’s fitness goals, this is a great gift. These are cards with various exercises that can create a challenging workout. They can be bought at for $14.96.

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