Best of: UMD students’ favorite beer

By Sean Whooley
Staff writer

Everyone knows that, especially with how well this year’s Maryland football team played, most students’ favorite thing to do on Saturday’s is tailgate. Which beer they drink, however, is a completely different story.

4. Natural Light: A beer described as cheap even by it’s own website, it’s low on calories and relatively inexpensive.

“Usually at the tailgates I go to you can pick between Natty Light or Natty Ice,” sophomore government and politics major Megan Robertson said. “So my favorite of those is Natty Ice. Those may not be the best tasting but at least they’re fun to shotgun.”

Robertson isn’t alone in choosing this beer as her tailgating beer.

“Definitely Natty Light,” sophomore finance major Matt Schaney said. “It’s really cheap, so we can buy a lot of it in bulk.”

Natural Ice and Natural Light, more commonly referred as “Natty” is one of the cheapest beer options, which is why it is so common at the tailgates. Natural Ice has more calories and more alcohol by volume, but still described as a value beer.

3. Bud Light: A light lager that is slightly more expensive, it has branched out in recent years to include variants such as their canned margaritas and higher quality Bud Light Platinum beer line.

“I prefer Bud Light,” sophomore computer science major Alex Boellner said. “It may not be the best beer out there, but it’s hard to beat for the price.”

Bud Light is yet another relatively cheap beer, but Boellner seems to prefer price over taste much like Robertson. However, not everyone at Maryland is all about price.

2. Coors Light: Another light beer, Coors prides itself on coming from the Rockies and being packaged at a freezing temperature.

“I’ve had Coors Light a couple of times, and that’s definitely my favorite to tailgate with,” sophomore criminology and criminal justice major Cameron Ivey said. “It’s not as cheap as the other stuff but I think it tastes much better.”

Ivey doesn’t mind paying a little more for Coors Light, but it still falls in the more inexpensive side. Still, he prefers it for the taste, and doesn’t care so much about the price.

1. Corona Light: A light version of Corona, it’s a beer imported from Mexico and made popular by its many beach commercials.

“I would probably pick Corona Light,” sophomore kinesiology major Jackie Clauser said. “I haven’t been to many tailgates with this beer because it is pricier, but it has less carbs and with lime there isn’t a bitter after taste.”

Students around the campus seem to have a wide range of preferences, but still, price seems to be the biggest factor in choosing a beer to tailgate with.

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” Clauser said, whose preference is the more expensive Corona. “With my limited college funds, I have to settle for whatever is free and whatever is cold.”


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