Maryland Uniforms Through the Years

By Sean Whooley
Staff writer

Because of their relationship with Under Armour, the University of Maryland football team is becoming well known for its variety of uniforms.

Maryland has continually expanded their already extensive wardrobe, most recently with the introduction of 1961 throwback uniforms for the matchup with Penn State in Baltimore.

Since the 1980s, the Terrapins’ uniforms have seen a massive makeover. During the ‘80s, they stuck with a simple red and white combination, and the classic red helmet with “Terps” on the side. From then on, the uniforms did not change all that much. In the 1990s, the color scheme stayed the same, and the only notable change was a new black helmet with a red “M.” In the 2000s, the program reverted to the original “Terps” helmet, but the major change came in 2008 when Maryland alum Kevin Plank’s Under Armour company became the official outfitter for Maryland Athletics.

At first, Under Armour stayed with the simple design that Maryland had used for the previous 30 plus years. But it all changed in 2011, when Under Armour introduced the now iconic Maryland Pride uniforms.

The Maryland Pride uniforms gained national attention – not always positive – for incorporating the famous state flag that Maryland natives love and don often. Since then, Under Armour has introduced several fan-favorites, including the “Star-Spangled Banner” uniforms as well as the blackout uniforms. Students especially seem to take to the different uniforms.

“I really like having the Maryland flag represented on our uniforms,” said sophomore aerospace engineering major Dan Lee. “I also liked how patriotic the Star-Spangled Banner uniforms were last year.”

One of the main benefits of the varying uniforms is that, even when the football team isn’t faring well, like this year, the players and students can always find pride in the jerseys on Saturdays. Senior safety Sean Davis has been at Maryland since 2012, and has seen many uniforms in his time, and he claims that his favorite one is the Maryland Pride 2.0 uniforms. Davis thinks the often-changing wardrobe has a positive impact on the players.

“I love Maryland’s relationship with Under Armour and all of the different uniforms we wear,” Davis said. “Just walking into the locker room on game day and knowing it’ll be something different each time gets the guys hype.”

Another huge part of the uniforms is the impact it has on possible recruits. As people see with Oregon and their relationship with Nike, continued success can have something to do with cool uniforms. Although it doesn’t make or break the recruiting process, interim head coach Mike Locksley does think that the uniforms are important for bringing players in.

“No player is going to come to a school just because of a uniform, but at the same time it’s a nice perk to have such a strong relationship with a great company like Under Armour,” Locksley said.

Maryland’s football jerseys have evolved over the years, and now have come full circle with the throwbacks against Penn State.


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