Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fashion

By Pearl Mak
For Unwind magazine

Need some fashion inspiration to spice up your outfits? Here are a few of the best style accounts to follow on Instagram.

River Island

Originally from London, River Island is a fashion company that gives a soft edge to its clothing through its neutral colors on structured fabrics. Mixing contradictory items like a loose top with distressed boyfriend jeans suddenly become a modern look when paired with statement pieces, such as a structured handbag, sharp shoes or multiple rings.

Some of River Island's Instagram shots
Some of River Island’s Instagram shots

River Island’s style gives off a cut-loose vibe while appearing clean and sophisticated. This modern street-style clothing allows the wearer to look put-together without seeming like they tried too hard. River Island is the account to follow if you are less about the clothing and more about the statement accessories.


For all the jean lovers, “prettysickly” is the Instagram account to live by when wanting to look cute yet relaxed. Yanin Namasonthi is the “jeanius” behind “prettysickly” and confidently pairs a range of clothing from casual to classy with all types of jeans. The neutral color palette Namasonthi wears on top of her jeans exudes understated boldness, bringing out a sense of cool and calm to the eye. For those who wish to take a step out of their style comfort zone, Namasonthi provides an easy platform to stand on when wearing bold pieces that are conveniently watered down by neutral-colored accessories and outerwear. As the fall season reaches its peak, be sure to pull out those high-waisted flare jeans and rock them with a loosely tucked in top and oversized cardigan!

Some of Yanin Namasonthi's Instagram shots
Some of Yanin Namasonthi’s Instagram shots


If you’re ready to take on the bold prints and statement jewelry this fall, Jenn Im’s account, “imjennim,” provides a variety of alternatives to mixing up your usual choices of clothing and matching them with other pieces that create unexpected perfection. Im pays close attention to the different textures of fabrics in order to conjure the ideal combination of print, color and structure.

Some of Jenn Im's Instagram shots
Some of Jenn Im’s Instagram shots

Delicate dresses put together with long heavy knit cardigans completed with over-the-knee socks and boots provide a darling and cozy outfit that is perfect for keeping out the chilly Autumnal air. Im’s beanie fetish is also a great addition to why her account is one to be aware of due to the creeping coldness of the fall. Walking to class may appear less of a frosty hike when a cute beanie is sitting on top of your head. You may even find yourself wanting to stay outside longer just to show off your adorable outfit.


Walking around the campus in high heels and flats are less than ideal when Stamp Hill and additional treacherous cracks in the uneven sidewalks must be conquered during a typical day at the University of Maryland. Fans of athletic footwear may want to take a look at Aleali May’s Instagram account for inspiration when wanting to walk easy while looking fierce.

Some of Aleali's Instagram shots
Some of Aleali’s Instagram shots

Wearing sneakers with jeans or dresses would have been a fashion-don’t a few years ago, but this rule-breaking combination made its way to the fashion scene and created a bold statement that beauty does not always have to accompany pain. May dives her way into this trend as she pairs clean white Adidas sneakers with a wild print. To accommodate the dropping temperatures, May adds a vivid green lapel coat on top of her deep blue dress and completes her look with matching hiking boots. If you’re all about comfort and color, tune into “alealimay” to stimulate your style senses.


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