This or That: Curly or Straight Hair

By Skye Haynes
For Unwind magazine

Coke or Pepsi? Cats or dogs? There are some debates that just go on forever, including “Should I straighten my hair?” While some prefer long, straight tresses, others are content with curly, coiled locks.

“I used to always wear my hair straight, which was very damaging to it’s texture,” said sophomore Nya Banks. “When I started wearing it naturally curly, I realized that I love my natural hair texture.”

Banks, a special education major, was seen at the First Look Fair advocating for black women to embrace their natural hair.

“Straight hair is generally seen as more professional, but I think as time goes on, curly hair will have its day in the sun,” she said.

Freshman education major Natalie Lambert is keen to wear her hair straight.

“It’s a simple and easy look,” she said. “It’s neat.”

Erika Quito, a senior family science and psychology major agreed.

“I’ll concede that some straight hair can’t hold a curl, but I think straight hair is the best because I can shower and air dry it, and not worry about it getting frizzy,” she said. “The fact that it’s so easy to groom works perfectly for me.”

For some, like junior Michaela Cheatham, hair isn’t meant to obey.

“All hair is beautiful, but I have a preference for curly hair,” the journalism major said. “Curls have many different patterns and are unique. I believe curly hair shows confidence.”


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