2015 Halloween Costume Guide

By Julia Balzer
For Unwind magazine

Halloween always manages to sneak up on stressed out college students who forget to grab a costume in advance. It happens every year: students make a run to Value Village or ask around for some cat ears and call it a night. This year, make a change. It will amaze you what creative costumes are hidden in your dorm room.

Beyonce: Who doesn’t want to be Queen Bey for Halloween? Items you’ll need: a simple black tank top, black spandex, a black arm sleeve if you’re feeling fancy (buy it or DIY from a long-sleeved shirt or tights) and black pumps.


[All the Single Ladies]

Taco Bell Sauce Packet: Not only is this costume sitting in your dorm room waiting to be found, but it is also hilarious. Items needed: a red, orange, yellow or green dress, white tape, a Sharpie marker and paper (optional). It is easiest to make the “fire,” “hot” or “mild” lettering with white tape. For the message, it is your choice whether to make the white background a paper or tape. Sharpie works on either option to write a funny slogan (which can be found easily when searching “Taco Bell sauce sayings”).

Taco Bell Sauce Packets

[Yo Quiero Taco Bell]

Tarzan and Jane: One of my favorites, Tarzan and Jane is a unique couple costume. Supplies needed for Jane are an oversized yellow T-shirt (tied down sides/ripped) or dress, a brown or animal-print headband and brown accessories. For Tarzan, all you need is a pair of shorts (black or brown, preferably short), a brown towel, and animal-print accessories. The pair of shorts will be worn under the brown towel, which can either be tied around the waist or secured by a safety pin with other animal print accessories helping you stand out.


[In the Jungle]

Danny and Sandy from Grease: Girls, do you want an excuse to wear leather leggings? Guys, do you want the easiest costume ever? Well, then Sandy and Danny is the choice for you. To be Sandy, all that is needed is a black V-neck (pulled down your shoulders), normal or leather leggings and red heels. For the Dannys, black short-sleeved shirt, pants and shoes. This is one of the easiest yet impressive costumes in the costume world!


[You’re the one that I want]

Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Suit: I bet you haven’t seen this many times before. Items needed for the Man in the Yellow Suit: any sort of yellow shirt or jacket and yellow shorts or pants is sure to make you recognizable. As for the hat, it is possible to make the hat with yellow construction paper wrapped around a baseball hat using tape to secure the paper. Curious George, you should have a brown shirt and black/brown leggings. The ears can be made with construction paper and a hard headband. If you want to jazz it up and add a tail, filling tights with socks will help.


[Just Monkeyin’ Around]

Solo Cup: Needing a simple single or group costume? All you need is a red dress and white tape. That. Is. All. Cutting the tape into letters cannot bring you too much distress.


[Let’s Start a Party]

Frat Bros: Sorry guys, but this one is more fun for the ladies. Go shopping in your guy friends’ closets. Pick out all the pastels you can find and call it a night. Bonus points if you can find Vineyard Vines, Tommy Hilfiger or J. Crew. Good luck!




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