Grey’s Anatomy trailer promises everything has changed

By Lindsay Sanderson
Staff writer

After 11 seasons, even a great TV show has to come to an end, right? Shonda Rhimes, accomplished producer and director, challenges that notion as her hit series “Grey’s Anatomy” launches its 12th highly awaited season on ABC.

ABC released a trailer for season 12 of Grey’s in early September and received mixed reactions from fans. Without even mentioning the still raw trigger words, Derek or McDreamy, it was all too obvious that there was something missing, as Meredith Grey was lying in the center of her bed noticeably alone.

Heavy hitting topics like Alzheimer’s, plane crashes and mass casualty disasters are regular occurrences on Grey’s. However, the trailer for the newest season previews a much lighter tone and even employs some cheery background music and humorous scenes. Many devoted Grey’s fans are worried about changes to the show.

“The lighter tone might make [the show] harder to connect to because the heavier tone of the other seasons made it a lot more interesting for me,” freshman biology major Tracy Wise said. “The drama made the show in my opinion.”

Another student, Megan Weber, said that she “loved the drama because it was entertaining and kept it interesting.”

Other fans are more welcoming of this new vibe and even think the show is in need of a breath of fresh air.

“I think the most recent season was way too dramatic,” freshman community health major Hannah Bicknell, who started watching Grey’s two years ago, said. “There was just too much going on, so I think a lighter season will be better.”

Even with this change of tone, “Grey’s Anatomy” was the topic of more than two million tweets during the summer months, making it the most talked about TV show, according to Wet Paint. This flood of Twitter interest in the long-running melodrama may be due in part to Rhimes and her particularly active social media presence promoting the show and releasing hints and spoilers for her upcoming season premiere.

If numbers are any indication, loyal fans have nothing to worry about regarding the longevity of their favorite medical drama, but this season of Grey’s has a lot to live up to. There is no telling where the future will take Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital when big changes challenge a loyal fan base.


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