Trending Now: The Mini Purse

Accessories retailer Charming Charlie's stocked shelves with the mini purse.  Photo Credit: Alex Theriot
Accessories retailer Charming Charlie’s stocked shelves with the mini purse.
Photo Credit: Alex Theriot

By Karma El-Naggar

As college students, we are prone to filling our backpacks or purses with non-essentials and in my case that means ten different lipstick options.

The New Year, just like every new semester, promises a clean slate. It always starts with decluttering your life and more specifically your bag.

This new year has proven to be the year of simplicity and the mini purse has become a cult favorite. From the Céline Nano luggage tote, sported by the likes of Rihanna and Kendall Jenner, to its affordable Nine West counterpart, everybody seems to be rocking this new accessory.

The mini purse adds a pop to any ensemble, as it recently did for Kylie Jenner. She was spotted wearing the YSL mini sac de jour crossbody in pastel pink.

It helps you simplify the content of your bag and have a cute replacement for the “oh so redundant” wristlet. The mini purse also adds an aura of femininity to any outfit due to its small size. A lot of mini purses come with mini handles so you can wear it on your wrist with ease or add a strap making it an effortless and lightweight addition to your outfit.

Sophomore criminology major, Nicky Goodman, said, “I think it’s so cute! [It’s] super practical and functional.”

Though the mini purse has a lot of pros, it comes with a price. Freshman finance major, Rachel Isaksen pointed out that “it is a difficult bag to carry for the woman on the go due to the fact that [it] doesn’t allow versatility and won’t fit all your stuff.”

The mini purse is not an everyday bag by any means, but it does serve a purpose during weekend outings and nights out on the town.

Some helpful tips are to make sure your mini purse has enough space for your phone (this goes out to all who own an iPhone 6 Plus) and to ditch your oversized wallet for a cardholder instead. Downsizing does not mean missing out; you can still fit your keys, a lipstick and a rollerball of perfume in the mini purse.

Who ever said bigger is better?


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