Losing Your Virginity: Myths Debunked

By Carly Kempler

Losing your virginity is a sensitive subject for many. By no means is there an “expected” age for one to lose his or her virginity, however, as college students, sex, in general, is often a popular topic.

There are many myths about losing one’s virginity, and Cosmopolitan exposes many of these rumors to give people a better idea of what losing your virginity is actually like.

Having sex for the first time can be very scary, and it’s important not to rush into any acts that you or your partner is not comfortable with.

Therefore, here is a brief guide, as outlined essentially by Cosmopolitan, with a college student’s perspective on losing your virginity.

Losing your virginity is not always a romantic endeavor.

Having sex for the first time can be both awkward and uncomfortable. It’s important

to communicate with your partner and voice your concerns before and during sex.

Additionally, losing your virginity can also hurt, so be wary of that beforehand.

You’re probably not going to orgasm.

Enough said. Although there can be some pleasure involved in your first time, often

women find losing their virginity to be somewhat painful.

 It can only get better.

From this first point on, sex can only get better. As you and your partner learn and mature from various experiences, sex is only going to get better.

Losing your virginity can be a sensitive subject, especially with all these rumors surrounding the topic. Before making your decision, make sure to communicate with your partner and practice safe sex as well.


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