Going From Generic to Distinctive: The Transformation of My Tee

By Katie Vogel

College Park students come swarming whenever there is free anything – free food, free concert tickets, free Red Bull. But most importantly, free t-shirts.

Whether it is 90 degrees on a hot fall or sub-freezing temperatures in the dead of winter, students pack Byrd Stadium and the Xfinity Center early just to snag the free oversized t-shirt give-away. Some people are lucky enough to fit into the massive student-pride shirts. Others (most of the student body), are not as lucky; the freebies look more like dresses than tees.

Photo Credit: Katie Vogel
Photo Credit: Katie Vogel

Looking at this positively – the smaller members of the student body have the opportunity to be creative and fix the unflattering fit by cutting up the shirts and adding personal touches.

As someone with a relatively good creative side, I decided to go for one of the more challenging tasks: cutting a shirt into a tank and adding beads to the fringed bottom. Before I went about this, I asked a coIMG_6572uple of my friends if they had ever cut up their shirts before.

Sophie Weiss, a junior majoring in Jewish studies, showed me pictures of different tie-dyed tees she made. She told me the proper way to cut the bottom for the fringes, something that really accentuated her laid-back personality.

After cutting up my tee, I went from a something shoved in the back of my t-shirt drawer to having a new tailgate tank that I am actually excited to wear. Seeing the girls’ different styles showed me how diverse their creativities are; transforming each t-shirt really can show off a person’s distinctive style.


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