Do You Like What You See?

By Zach Ferrante

Television is different from ever before. Material that was once considered inappropriate is now aired to millions of homes across the country on a nightly basis.

“TV has changed because sex, nudity and homosexuality on TV was unheard of, but now it is in all of your favorite shows,” said psychology major Saraiah Rust said.

It seems that society in the US and around the world has become more relaxed with what is now permitted on TV. Many of the shows we have today are far from the standard that shows needed to meet years ago.

For example, today we have shows like “Game of Thrones”, a popular fantasy show on HBO that features nudity and violence,  “The Walking Dead”, an AMC series about zombies that also features violence and LGBT characters, and even network shows like “Family Guy”, a cartoon on Fox famous for its sarcastic vulgarity.

“Family Guy” pushes every boundary- one of the reasons why the show is so popular. In fact, Fox canceled the show early on in part because of its obscenities, but was brought back by popular demand.

It is important to note that shows like these would not have been aired 30 or 40 years ago, and they aren’t the only ones. In some cases, it is a surprise that some of their content is even allowed on television today.

Classic shows, like “The Dick Van Dyke Show” featured couples that slept in separate beds at night, something far from the sexual innuendos and inappropriate humor we have come to know and love.

Going from separate beds to complete nudity is a far jump, but is one that has become more prominent in the entertainment industry. However, some people feel that this change isn’t for the better.

“Television is not moving in the right direction because violence and sex are desensitizing people to what is right and wrong,” said Ben Aronson, a freshman computer science major.

While some may prefer a more conservative version of television, there are others that enjoy and relish in the creative freedom.

“As a whole television is moving in the right direction, but the FCC needs to reevaluate some of the content that is aired,” said freshman Ian Monroe in letters and sciences.

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