Review: Stone Temple Pilots

By Rachel Kuipers


Hard and alternative rock band Stone Temple Pilots performed for a sold-out crowd of 2,000 at the Fillmore Silver Spring on Friday, April 24 on their way from Seattle to Philadelphia for their spring tour.


The band, established in 1985, had a strong command of the audience which was mostly made up of an older generation that grew up with STP.


Dreamers opened for STP, and was a hit with the crowd. Dreamers, an unsigned indie band from Brooklyn, is touring with the headliner this April.


Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, now lead vocalist for both bands, joined them on their tour. His vocals brought energy and excitement to the performance, and his attendance brought a number of younger audience members that stood out from the older crowd.


They performed “Adhesive” for the first time on the tour to the delight of the crowd, evident by loud declarations of “I love this song!” with along with sloshed beers.


“Man, this place is f***ing  awesome tonight,” an enthusiastic Bennington said toward the middle of the performance. “Man, we’ve played some of the fucking coolest places in the country on the tour.”


They performed their popular hit “Down”, which was released in 1999 and nominated for a Grammy for best hard rock performance in 2001. The band won the same Grammy for “Plush”, which they also played, in 1994.


Bennington showed off a new pink ‘do, a hairstyle decision similar to that of former lead singer Scott Weiland. Weiland was removed from the band in 2013, and since his “termination,” lawsuits began between the band and Weiland in both directions.


They ended with an encore, encouraged by a crowd chanting “STP,” that included “Piece of Pie” and “Dead and Bloated”, strong songs to complete their performance. The encore brought a renewed energy to the audience after the long, sweaty, packed concert.


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