Bringing Vintage Back

Trends of the past are coming back into play

By Miya Treadwell

Today there are ever-evolving advancements in technology from phones to cars. These innovations have made basic tasks easier, quicker and from most perspectives, better. Of these expansions, some of the most notable have been in photography and music.

Music has been around since the beginning of time but how we listen to it has become limitless. CDs, radios, iPods, laptops and so on allow people to enjoy a variety of music. Photography, however, is a rather new concept. Since the late 1820s, photography has continuously grown and taken a multitude of forms. It has gone from needing numerous chemicals to develop an image to being as easy as pushing a button. With all these possibilities, the reappearance of the Polaroid camera and record player may seem like a step in the wrong direction.

Between sepia filters on Instagram and various contemporary artists sampling old songs there is definitely a current fascination with the functions of the past.

“The company Polaroid with their cameras, the original ones, had such a timely feel to it when the photos came out,” said Olubunmi Kadiri, a freshman Chinese Language major and amateur photographer.

This new retro style also falls in line with a societal move back toward simpler days. From food to fashion, people have become increasingly invested in equality over quantity or convenience.

According to Kwame Abrah, a senior food science major and amateur photographer, this trend reflects a greater hipster movement. “It’s been really big in the past couple of years and they do say that history repeats itself,” Abrah said.

While they both reflect an old style, the new record players and Polaroid cameras are anything but. The resurgence has caused retailers to also improve upon the retro design and incorporate technological gains that have been made.

“I see a tendency to update these trends as they gain popularity, so you’re not only seeing old Polaroids and record players, you’re seeing new, innovative combinations of old design and new capabilities” Zoe Reger, a freshman Philosophy major and student photographer, said.

It is now possible to have the best of both worlds, the retro feel plus technological innovation with record players that also play CDs and digital Polaroid cameras.

Polaroid and record players coming back into style showcases new technological possibilities while respecting the contributions of the past.


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