Enterprise Senior Spotlight: Ghedalia Gold-Pastor

By Samantha Pitkin

The co-creator of an app that incorporates aspects of gaming with Snapchat-like photo sharing has high hopes for future development.

Ghedalia Gold-Pastor, a junior engineering major, never thought his app, called Puzzable, would have over 20,000 users for both Android and iOS when he and his business partner Zach Matz first came up with the idea just over a year ago.

“We didn’t know what was going to take off, so we made three different game modes, and we were going to build off of the most successful one,” Gold-Pastor said.

Hannah Pendergast, a sophomore accounting major, first downloaded Puzzable in September when Gold-Pastor handed her a promotional flier in Stamp.

“It was really cool, [Gold-Pastor and I] took a selfie, I sent it to him and then it showed up as a puzzle on his phone,” Pendergast said. “It’s a really cool idea, and I should probably download it again. It’s a better version of Snapchat. I think it’s more fun.”

Gold-Pastor and Matz have won almost $5,000 competing in business and pitch competitions during the past year, and in January their dedication to their product paid off when they received a $10,000 investment from a family friend living in D.C.

The business partners have invested a lot of money and resources in an effort to create and promote the first version of Puzzable, but they didn’t leave enough in the bank to market their second version, according to Gold-Pastor.

User feedback has shown that the multiplayer mode is more popular than the challenge and individual modes, so the second version will most likely focus more on interplay, according to Gold-Pastor.

“It’s really difficult for me to be raising money, but also to be focusing on our growth as well as product development,” Gold-Pastor said. “As CEO of the company there’s a lot of pressure on me to lead us the right way.”


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