Jean Jacket Alternatives for Spring

By Jess Nocera


Photo by Alex Theriot via
Photo by Alex Theriot via

With spring hopefully right around the corner, it is time to say goodbye to those heavy winter jackets and exchange them for lighter, more fashionable ones. The classic jean jacket is arguably one of the most popular “go to” jackets for spring. However, there are an endless amount of options in today’s fashion that gives women of all ages the option to wear other fashionable jackets besides ones made of denim.

One of the newest fashion trends is the army green material jacket with black leather sleeves. This style coat has been fashioned by various clothing companies including Free People and Forever 21. Amanda Gaines, sophomore journalism major, has this style coat.

“It is a good in-between [jacket] for when it’s not too cold or hot,” said Gaines. “It is more fashion forward than a denim jacket.” Pair with a light long-sleeved shirt, dark jeans and combat boots.

Vests can be worn in basically any season, but it all depends on the layers that can make a vest weather appropriate all year long. For spring, pair a vest with either a three quartered long-sleeved shirt on warmer days or a heavier long sleeved shirt on those colder spring days to be both fashionable and be dressed weather appropriate. Vests come in all styles, but it seems throughout this past fall season, quilted vests were very trendy. Patagonia, Lands’ End, Nordstrom and Forever 21 all feature this wardrobe staple.

Flannel shirts have seemed to be in style since the beginning of time and they are a perfect option for a spring jacket. Just throw a T-shirt or light long-sleeved shirt under any flannel, unbutton it and a light jacket is created. Flannels come in all patterns such as plaid, block colors, designs, and much more. Lucky Brand Jeans and Free People make very comfortable and fashionable flannel shirts. Pair with leggings and riding boots or Sperry Topsiders to modify a winter staple piece into a springtime essential.


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